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Thanks for reading Paper Luigi: The Watch of Eternity/Tattle Log, <insert your name here>! Enjoy!

This is a list of every enemy and boss in Paper Luigi: The Watch of Eternity. Regular text like this shows that it is a normal enemy, italics says that the enemy is a mini-boss, bold print shows chapter bosses, and optional bosses are signified by both.

The descriptions are Goombenny's tattles during battle.

# Picture Name HP Attack Defense
Moves Location
1 New Paper Goomba Goomba 4 1 0 This is a generic Goomba. Say's here that they're the "underlings of underlings." Well, that's just rude! HP is 4, Attack is 1, and Defense is 0. In the time I come from, Goombas were just starting to turn to the Koopa Alliance, which is the Koopa Troop in the present. Fortunately, there were still some kinder ones (like myself, of course) to keep things in balance. Headbonk Goombasville, Artistico Road, Moretime Underground
2 New Paper Paragoomba Paragoomba 4 1 0 This is a Paragoomba. It's a Goomba...with wings. Gah! I really wish I had wings like that! HP is 4, Attack is 1, and Defense is 0. Same as a normal Goomba, except it's up in the air so your hammer can't hit it. If you stomp on it, it loses its wings, which will make the battle easier. Dive Goombasvile, Artistico Road, Moretime Underground
3 New Paper Spiky Goomba Spiky Goomba 4 2 0 That's a Spiky Goomba, one of the secretly intelligent Goombas in the world. He's decided to put a spike over his dome so a stomp won't even hurt him. HP is 4, Attack is 2, Defense is 0. He's a tad stronger than normal Goombas, and a jump will hurt you. Hammer time! Headbonk Goombasville, Artistico Road, Moretime Underground

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