This is the full plot of Paper Luigi: The Watch of Eternity. The entire plot will be listed here; brief synopsies will be on the main page itself if you hate reading.

Prologue: Watch Very Closely

The story opens with our favorite mail Koopa, Parakarry, delivering a letter to the Mario home. "Mail call!" he shouts, and then flies off. Our hero, Luigi, steps out and gets the letter from the mailbox. He looks at it and steps back inside. "Hey, bro!" calls Luigi, "look at this letter Toadsworth sent you!" Mario runs into the room and grabs the letter from Luigi's hands. He reads it quickly, says farewell to his brother, and dashes away.

Luigi sits down and picks up the letter. "Seems my big bro is always off on some big adventure," he mutters as he scans the letter. "Peach is captured? Again? Man, no wonder Mario was in such a hurry. What a guy." He leans back in his chair and sighs. "When will I get my chance? I haven't had my own quest since the Marvelous Compass...and no one even cared about that one..." As Luigi broods, he hears a second call from Parakarry. "Mail call...again? Huh, I guess it's Mario's lucky day."

Luigi runs outside and grabs the letter from the mailbox. He steps inside and looks at it. "That's's addressed to ME this time! What could this be...and who's Dr. Koopavert?" He opens the letter and reads its contents:

Dear Sir Luigi,

I am I, Dr. Koopavert of Moretime City. Recently, my archaeology team found an amazing artifact known as the Watch of Eternity.

I need a special guest of honor for the unveiling ceremony, and you came to mind. Your brother is always off doing some amazing thing, but you have had your successes as well. This will be your big shot! Luigi's big break!

Try to catch a plane or something soon. The ceremony will be held in Moretime's main plaza, the one with a fountain. It will be in five days, so arrive soon.

Best of luck,

Dr. Koopavert

Luigi stood up in wonder. "He wants me to come to this ceremony? Wow! He's right, a big thing like this is my big chance! And with a thing that has as cool of a name as the Watch of Eternity, maybe there's some awesome adventure in store! I accept!" He stuffs the letter into his pocket and races out the door. As he runs to the Mushroom Kingdom airport, the main title of the game scrolls across the screen, and a travel montage of Luigi's flight is shown.

The plane arrives in Moretime City right on time. Luigi stepped off and took in the wonder. "Moretime City..." he muttered, "so this is what a real metropolis looks like! Fantastic!" He heads out of the airport and looks around. "Koopavert said to look for the fountain," he said as he walked off.

Soon he arrived at the plaza. He finds a sharply dressed Koopa, who he assumed must be Dr. Koopavert, upon a large stage. "Ah!" Koopavert exclaimed. "You must be the guest of honor, Luigi!" Luigi stepped onto the stage. "Yes, that's me," he said. "So what is the Watch of Eternity exactly?" he asked.

To be continued...

Chapter 1: Creating Masterpieces

Chapter 2: Digging and Discovering

Chapter 3: Saving All of Bookind

Chapter 4: Stopping the Eruption

Chapter 5: A Mysterious Mission

Chapter 6: The Frozen Kingdom

Chapter 7: The Reign of Terror

Chapter 8: Clash of Mastery

Chapter 9: Riding the Rails

Chapter 10: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Chapter 11: X Marks the Moon

Chapter 12: The Watch of Eternity

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