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Paper Luigi: The Watch of Eternity
Developer(s) Electric Enterprises
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Winter 2016
1 Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Predecessor Color Splash
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc
Paper Luigi: The Watch of Eternity is Electric Enterprises's next big project. It is the sixth game in the Paper Mario series. As the name states, it is starring Luigi, Mario's brother that others often look down upon. The game will be released in October of 2017.

The game revolves around Luigi going to different points in time through an ancient relic called the Watch of Eternity. As he travels, he needs to collect Time Crystals, which used to be inside the watch but were moved by people of the past to protect the universe's time. However, a mysterious being known as the Master of Time plans to destroy the entire timeline of the universe and replace it with his own events in history, and how things should have happened in his view. The only way to stop him are the Time Crystals.


Paper Abilities

Like TTYD, Luigi has the ability to fold into many different things to adapt to his environment. There has a new ability, the Paper Swan, which allows Luigi to fly low and safely above spikes, as well as move a lot faster. The returning abilities are the Plane, Flat, Boat, and Tube, which make him glide over gaps, perfectly flat, able to ride across water, and into a paper tube.

Luigi is taught these abilities by the mysterious wizard, Merlar. She appears when the ability is needed, grants it to Luigi, and then gives him a tutorial. Oftentimes, however, Luigi needs to find her a certain item, like a stone.


Like in PM:TTYD and SPM, Luigi has the ability to enter the background. There, he can flip switches or do actions that affect the foreground. However, in this game Luigi can take his partners with him to the background. This way, he can use partners like Detective Shylock to locate hidden blocks that Luigi can climb up, or Koopardo to hit faraway switches.


Every chapter has two intermissions happening after it, similar to The Thousand Year Door. One style of an intermission is Mario going through a level based off of Super Mario Bros. and trying to get to Princess Peach, held in Bowser's Castle. Another version is Princess Peach in a more open landscape than Mario's intermission, with moving similar to how Luigi moves in the field. She is trying to gather some information about the Watch of eternity, upon Luigi's request. A third version could be Bowser in either a Mario or Peach style intermission, trying to either kidnap Peach or a Time Crystal. In every other chapter, a cutscene will occur in the land, Timeless Realm, where the Master of Time lies. There, he will discuss plans with one of his three servants (who are not named in the intermission to avoid spoilers).


Battles occur in a similar style as to how they did in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Almost every battle takes place on a theater stage with a background and an audience.

On the Offensive

While fighting in a battle, Luigi and his partner can attack with extra power using the Action Command. Action Commands are performed differently for each attack style.

  • Countdown: Touch the Wii U GamePad.svg screen, slide, hold and then release when the red light flashes, or press AButton when the light flashes.
  • Tricky Timing: Press AButton before landing on the opponent, or touch the opponent in the Wii U GamePad.svg screen before landing.
  • Aiming: Align a cursor in the center of the target.
  • Button Mania: Hold onto or repeatedly tap a button or input a series of buttons.
  • Tap Shot: Repeatedly tap in one or multiple areas of the Wii U GamePad.svg screen.
  • Sliding Frenzy: Repeatedly slide on the Wii U GamePad.svg screen.

On the Defensive

The player can perform a guard by pressing AButton or Bbuttonwiiu right when the enemy is about to hit Luigi. If the player guards, the damage he takes from an opponent's hit reduces. The player must time it just right or it will not work.

  • Guard: To perform a Guard move, the player must press the AButton so Luigi can block his enemy's attack, reducing the damage he takes by 1 and avoiding any negative status effect. The player will have a 1/2 second to guard.
  • Superguard: To perform a Superguard, the player must press Bbuttonwiiu so Luigi can counter-attack the attacker, negating the attack completely and damaging the attacker. The player will only have a 1/8 second to superguard, making it much more difficult to time than a regular guard.


The audience returns from PM:TTYD. They can refill your WP (Watch Power) when Luigi performs Stylish moves or Appeals. When Luigi or a partner appeals, it refills more WP than normal. A new mechanic is that sometimes an enemy will become distracted from a partner's appeal, making them not be able to attack for up to two turns, or until they are snapped out of it. Audience members are also specific to one area. For example, Goombas and its normal counterparts are home to Goomba Village. Some audience members can be found everywhere. 


Synopsises will be added in this section. See here for the full story: Paper Luigi: The Watch of Eternity/Plot

Prologue: Watch Very Closely

Luigi receives a letter from Dr. Koopavert of Moretime City inviting him to go to the grand unveiling of his newly discovered artifact, the Watch of Eternity. He goes to the ceremony and discovers that it's a time traveling device. Koopavert has him demonstrate it by sending him back in time about a hundred years to Goombasville. Luigi ends an attack on the small village and saves a young Goomba, Goombenny, who was asked by his father to head to the present time with Luigi and build up his confidence. Upon return, a powerful deity known as the Master of Time appeared and shattered the Watch of Eternity, removing the twelve Time Crystals within and sending them to different time periods and leaving Luigi with just the watch base. Koopavert discovered that if the Crystals weren't reclaimed, the entire timeline of the world would collapse on itself. So he asked Luigi to head out and reclaim the Crystals, along with the son of a prodigious millionaire. The young Lakitu, Lukas, joins Luigi on his quest. They activate the Watch and head off to the ancient town of Artistico.

Chapter 1: A Flight in the Night

Chapter 2: The Days of 'Ore

Chapter 3: Fleeing from the False Pharoah

Chapter 4: Ending the Eruption

Chapter 5: A Mysterious Mission

Chapter 6: The Frozen Kingdom

Chapter 7: The Reign of Terror

Chapter 8: The Fate of all Time

Chapter 9: A Kingdom Divided

Chapter 10: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Chapter 11: Riding the Rails

Chapter 12: The Watch of Eternity

Luigi's Partners

As in the first two games of the series, Luigi earns the trust and help of partners through the game. Each partner harbors a unique ability that helps both in battle and in the overworld. Unlike the past games, most cutscenes involve a large number of the partners, not just the one you are currently travelling with, leading to more character development and more plot progression.

Partners can be ranked up by Merlon in Moretime City for a cost of 3 Shine Sprites to boost them to the Super Rank. When Luigi finds the Magic Orb in Chapter 5, he can give it to Merlon to level up partners again to the Ultra Rank. A mysterious character appears in Moretime City after Chapter 8 and is able to rank up partners to the Master Rank. Every time a partner ranks up, their HP goes up by five, they learn a new move, and their attack goes up by 1.

Character Description Moves Move Summary
Goombenny Prologue 10 HP, 1 AP
Goombenny met Luigi when he came to the ancient Goombasville. When he arrived, the village was being raided by Goombas that turned to the Koopa Alliance, which later became the Koopa Troop. Goombenny was taken by three Goombas, and his father, Goombert, ordered Luigi to rescue him. Upon rescue, Goombert told Goombenny to travel with Luigi to become more assertive and less cowardly.

In the field, Goombenny is able to look up characters and locations in a history book that Dr. Koopavert gave him.

Headbonk Headbonks one enemy. 0 FP
Tattle Looks up an enemy's stats and abilities. 0 FP
Rapid Bonk Repeatedly jumps on one enemy, doing more damage each time but the Action Commands become harder. 2 FP
Sideline Support Uses his turn to allow Luigi a second. 3 FP
Blaze Bonk Catching on fire, Goombenny does high damage to all enemies one by one, potentially burning them. 4 FP
Lukas Prologue 10 HP, 1 AP
A young and clumsy Lakitu, Lucas was assigned by Professor Koopavert to time travel with the Watch of Eternity. Together, him and Luigi helped out the citizens of Goombasville and rescued Goombenny. Lucas then wished to continue travelling with Luigi to help him with collecting Time Crystals.

In the field, Lucas can carry Luigi over spikes and other hazards, similarly to Lakilester. He can also jump over some large gaps.

Spiny Toss Throws a Spiny at one enemy. 0 FP
Cloud Ride Rides into all enemies. 2 FP
Lift Up Raises Luigi on a cloud, blocking him from attacks for a few turns. 3 FP
Golden Spiny Fires a golden Spiny that does triple damage as the normal Spiny Toss. 6 FP
Cloud Nine Silver clouds coat the enemies, confusing them and highly damaging them. 8 FP
Koopardo Chapter 1 15 HP, 1 AP
The inventor Koopardo met Luigi in Chapter 1. When Luigi came to him knowing that he had a prototype of an airplane, Koopardo explained that five parts were stolen while he was out. The five pieces were rescued, and Koopardo fixed the plane. Koopardo told Luigi that he wanted to come with him, not only since he needed a pilot, but because his inventions or shell may be useful.

In the field, Koopardo is able to kick his shell to hit far away switches or grab items. He can also perform a First Strike when he hits an enemy. In battle, like other Koopas, Koopardo can be flipped over and useless when he is seriously hurt.

Shell Shot Kicks his shell at one enemy. 0 FP
Shell Sweeper Sweeps through all ground enemies. 2 FP
Shell Shield Uses a large shell to block Luigi and him from any attack for three turns. 4 FP
Airplane Lift Rises him and Luigi up from the ground to attack any enemy with any attack. 5 FP
Shellshock Electrifies all enemies to do high damage, potentially paralyzing them. 7 FP
Slacka Chapter 2 15 HP, 1 AP, 1 D
Slacka is a laid-back Whacka that Luigi met in Chapter 2. Slacka was assigned by his mining boss, Boss Shyer, to assist Luigi in mining and teach him some things. After defeating the Underchomp in the lowest part of the mine, Slacka was then ordered to continue journeying with Luigi.

In the field, Slacka can take himself and Luigi underground for a few moments to go under some structures and most large rocks. This does not make them invincible or invisible, as they can be seen moving underground and can be attacked by ground-bound enemies like Monty Moles or a Bob-Omb's explosion. In battle, because of Slacka's hard hat, he has a defense of 1, reducing the damage he takes.

Pick-Ax Whack Hits an enemy with his pick-ax. 0 FP
Burrow Goes underground then pops back up to attack any enemy. 2 FP
Pick-Ax Toss Throws his pick-ax to hit any enemy. 3 FP
Pick Swing Swings his pick-ax around his head so any direct attacker is automatically superguarded for the next two turns. 4 FP
Bump Produce Luigi hits him with his hammer, causing one damage to Slacka. However, he produces a Whacka Bump that heals 1/16th of Luigi's HP and FP. 6 FP
Booses Chapter 3 20 HP, 1 AP
Booses is a Boo that resided in Pyramidia, land of pyramids. He was determined to free the resident Boos from the cruel rule of the unjust pharaoh, Shamses the 2nd. With Luigi's help, he guided the Boos to safety after defeating Shamses and decided to assist Luigi, since Luigi helped him.

In the field, Booses is able to turn Luigi and himself invisible to avoid enemies or hazards in the field.

Staff Smack Hits an enemy with his staff. 0 FP
Vanish Makes Luigi and himself invisible for a turn. 1 FP
Tackle Jumps into an enemy to do damage repeatedly. 2 FP
Ghastly Screech Screams at all enemies to do high damage. 4 FP
Possess Possesses an enemy to make it damage itself repeatedly. 6 FP
Bombiko Chapter 4 15 HP, 2 AP
Bombiko is a young Bob-Omb that lived in the ancient Bombpeii. She was venturing in the great Mt. Volcanvious, when she found herself hopelessly lost. When Luigi returned her to the town, she was immersed with gratitude and wanted to help Luigi just like he helped her.

In the field, Bombiko can blow up rocks and walls with cracks. She can also perform a First Strike on enemies.

Bomb Blows up against one enemy. 0 FP
Hold Fast Lights her fuse to automatically Superguard any direct attackers. 2 FP
Dizzy Boom Blows up against one enemy and makes it dizzy. 3 FP
Bomb Bonanza Blows up against every enemy. 4 FP
Rattle Bomb Blows up every enemy and confuses them. 6 FP
Doopleton Chapter 5 25 HP, 2 AP
A former vigilante hired by Bandiarty, Doopleton is Luigi's companion from Shytopolis. He worked for Bandiarty until he realized that his boss had too barbaric of motives and was secretly working for the Time Army. He left and found Luigi in a very sour predicament. Since Doopleton was out of a job, he decided to join Luigi in his endeavors to stop Bandiarty and Dooplinity.

As a Duplighost, Doopleton is able to change his appearance, and also detect when other beings or objects are doing the same. In the overworld, Doopleton is able to search the room and discover any objects or people shrouded in the environment and bring them into the open.

Slap Slaps one enemy. 0 FP
Transform Takes on the shape of one enemy. All other moves become the transformed enemy's movebank. 2 FP
Mystify Damages and confuses an enemy. 2 FP
Ghostly Gamble Damages up to three enemies at once. 4 FP
Haunt Sneaks up on an enemy and deals high damage. 5 FP
Raider Chapter 6 30 HP, 2 AP, 1 D
Raider is a Hammer Bro, as well as a Master of Elements and a major member of the Master of Time's army. During Chapter 6, Luigi found him after Raider left his commander on a mission to find Luigi. After a fight, Raider thought that maybe he was on the wrong side and using his powers for evil and not good. Therefore, he joined Luigi as his final main story partner.

In the field, being a Master of Elements, he can control the element opposite to the environment he is in. If the environment is warm or fiery, he uses water. If it is damp or an ocean, he uses ice. If it is icy or cold, he uses fire. He harnesses these powers to get past obstacles, such as putting out fire, freezing a river, etc.

Hammer Whack Whacks one ground enemy with his hammer. 0 FP
Charge Charges to boost his attack by 2 the next turn. 1 FP
Timelet Call Calls in a horde of Timelets to attack every enemy. 3 FP
Elemental Beam Fires a beam of light to badly harm one enemy. 5 FP
Time Warp Messes with time and damages all enemies, potentially confusing them. 7 FP
Securra T. Chapter 9 20 HP, 1 AP
Securra T. is a locksmith Toad that Luigi helps in Chapter 9. He himself has crafted a special key that can enter Minute Keyholes, optional side-quest entryways that Luigi can visit only with his key. However, he wishes to have a special badge, which Luigi finds and gives to him. After that, he wishes to accompany Luigi on the rest of his adventure.

In the field, Securra T. can locate Minute Keyholes and unlock them, giving access to the world behind them.

Spin Spins into an enemy. 0 FP
Lock Traps an enemy for up to two turns. 2 FP
Code Break Deciphers an enemy's intentions and perfectly guards their next attack. 3 FP
Rapid Spin Dashes into all ground enemies and deals high damage. 5 FP
Key Smash If done successfully, a giant key comes and smashes all enemies. 7 FP
Doug Optional 20 HP, 1 AP
Doug is a treasure-hunting Doogan that Luigi can add to his party after Chapter 3. When Luigi accepts his Trouble Center request, he is asking for assistance in locating the Money Money badge. After finding it and giving it to him, he won't accept it but instead will ask to accompany you, since he is sure he will strike it rich on this adventure.

In the field, Doug is able to spot hidden treasures. He starts jumping excitedly when you are near one, so using his power is not required to find it.

Rob If an enemy is holding an item or badge, it is stolen and damage is dealt. 0 FP
Escape Ensures a perfect escape if an escape is needed. 1 FP
Causing Havoc Runs around the stage and makes all enemies dizzy, as well as doing damage. 3 FP 
Coinage Carry Throws up to 5 coins at enemies. 4 FP
Soul Stealer A much advanced version of Rob, only it affects every enemy and steals all of their items. 6 FP
Shayzee Optional 25 HP, 1 AP
Shayzee is a Crayzee Dayzee that has a passion for singing. After Chapter 5, she puts an ad in the Trouble Center to have someone find her microphone that she lost. When Luigi finds it after a long scavenger hunt in Moretime City, he returns it to her, and she gives him a ticket to her concert. After the concert, Shayzee decided to travel with Luigi and follow her second most dominant passion—going on an adventure.

In the field, Shayzee is able to sing and put nearby enemies to sleep. Her singing also converts Luigi's sound effects to their 8-bit form, turns the background music to the original Super Mario Bros. music, and turns Luigi and his partners 8-bit.

Stomp Stomps on one enemy. 0 FP
Lullaby Potentially puts all enemies to sleep. 2 FP
Music Mayhem Sings a tune that can damage and posion enemies. 4 FP
Treble Trouble Enemies are put on a piece of sheet music, where Shayzee controls notes that harm them. 5 FP
Giga Stomp Stomps on one enemy to do up to 9 damage. 7 FP


See here for a list of all enemies in the game.

Boss Fights

Special Attacks


This is a list of all of the major locations in the game. There are other areas that Luigi can visit after completing the main story, but those are separate from the main areas.

Location Description Sub-locations
Moretime City (Main Hub) A medium-sized city that Luigi is invited to in the beginning of the game. Here, the Watch of Eternity is located inside the Time Shrine, and many extra features are present here. This includes a Trouble Center, a concert hall, and an arcade.
  • Moretime Underground
  • Time Shrine
  • Pit of 100 Trials
Spaceless Town (After Chapter 2) The exact opposite of Moretime City, Spaceless Town is a run-down, old town with few residents or tourists. Despite this, however, there is a building containing a teleportation device that can send Luigi to many various locations after chapter 8. Spaceless Town can be accessed after Chapter 2 through the Moretime Airport.
  • Spaceless Underground
  • Space Shirne
  • Pit of 100 Trials
Goombasville (Prologue) 100 years in the past, Goombasville is located far away from the Mushroom Kingdom. Here, a small colony of Goombas lives that has been attacked by Goombas that turned to the Koopa Alliance.
  • Goomba Road
Artistico (Chapter One) A small village inhabited mostly by Koopa Troopas, this area is set about 500 years in the past. Here, the great inventor named Koopardo du Vincent lives, creating masterpieces day after day. Luigi needs to use his airplane prototype to get to Mt. Himalay.
  • Artistico Path
  • Mt. Himalay
  • Himalay Cavern
Shy Forest (Chapter 2) A Shy Guy community located near the giant Shy Guy Falls. Here, Boss Shyer directs a crew of miners (including Slacka, Luigi's future partner) that go into a mine located at the top of the falls, which happens to be terrorized by the Underchomp at the deepest part of the mine.
  • Shy Guy Falls
  • Shy Guy Mines
Pyramidia (Chapter 3) A large and spacious desert, mostly run down except for a Boo village. Ancient Within Pyramidia is a number of different areas, all leading to the Forsaken Isle that Booses and luigi need to get to.
  • Boo Village
  • Scorching Sands
  • Vile River
  • Crimson Sea
  • Forsaken Isle
Bompeii (Chapter 4) An ancient city located near the giant Mt. Volcanvious. The city is doomed to be burnt to a crisp by the volcano, but Luigi arrived and helped stop the eruption.
  • Craggen Road
  • Mt. Volcanvious
Shytopolis (Chapter 5) A bustling city in which criminals abound. Luigi comes and learns that the head criminal, Bandiarty, owns the Time Crystal. He gains access from one of his former henchmen, Bandell.
  • Bandit Hideout
Frozzaria (Chapter 6) Once a powerful kingdom, it has been encased in ice by unknown forces. Luigi later learns that the Master of Time's servants, Raider and Chronol, have frozen the kingdom. Luigi then hunts them down for the Crystal.
  • Frozzaria Path
  • Icicle Cave
The Bone Empire (Chapter 7) The Bone Empire is a large kingdom inhabited by Dry Bones and ruled by the ruthless emperor, Skullazar. Learning that the Time Crystal is in his possession, Luigi sets out to defeat him.
  • Bone-Dead Forest
  • Skull Sanctum
Timeintia (Chapter 8) Timeintia is a large, peaceful city that happens to be the Master of Time's domain. Entry is not through the watch, but instead through the Time Shrine in Moretime City. Luigi visits the Time Temple and its various traps to defeat the Master once and for all.
  • Time Shrine
  • Hour Valley
  • Time Temple

Time Crystals

Time Crystal Location Guarded By Power & WP needed Description
Watch Base Moretime City No one Refresher, 1 WP Can recover up to 7 of Luigi's HP, his partner's HP, and FP.

Ruby Mystic Crystal PMTMF

Ruby Crystal

Himalay Cavern Smogtail Fiery Blitz If done successfully, up to eight damage is done to all foes.

Aquamarine Mystic Crystal PMTMF

Aquamarine Crystal

Shy Guy Mines The Underchomp Earthen Crumble Large rocks fall that confuses foes and does up to ten damage.

Garnet Mystic Crystal PMTMF

Garnet Crystal

Pyramidia Duplinity Spirits of Sand If done correctly, it can raise your Attack and Defense by up to 4.

Magenta Mystic Crystal PMTMF

Magenta Crystal

Mt. Volcanvious Grocker Meteor Mash If done successfully, it does up to 12 damage to all foes.

References to Other Games

  • Paper Mario: All of Mario's old partners can be found in either of the main hubs or in some battles. Boss Shyer is designed to look something like General Guy in this game. Also, Whackas play a larger role in this game with one being found on Shy Guy Falls and a yellow Whacka being one of Luigi's partners.
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door: All of Mario's old partners can be found in either hubs and in some battles. Smogtail is a homage to Hooktail. The Paper Abilities also return.
  • Mario Kart 8: Shy Guy Falls and the miners working there are built upon greatly in Chapter 2.
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