Paper Link (character)
Paper Link
Full Name Paper Link
Current Age  ?
Location Hyrule
Class Swordsman
Deep Sea diver
Main Weapon(s) Sword

Paper Link (Japanese: リンク Rinku) is a fictional character in the Gamecube crossover role playing game Paper Link, he is one of the main characters to be controlled by the player along side Princess Zelda and the Gerudo King Ganondorf.

Link's Battles Controls

Using the original and standard version of a Gamecube controller, the player can use this attacks to win battles and preform various tasks. it is aslo used for moving all characters.

B: Sword Cut
A: Jump
A+A: Double-jump
A+B: Sword Pounce
Y: Target
Y+B: Fire arrows
Y+X: Chain Crash

Puke Skywalker Fake Super Smash Bros. Brawl Talk

Puke Skywalker: Who's that freak?! He's ugly.

CyberDan: That's Paper Link. He is made from paper.

Puke Skywalker: Does he play with lightsabers?

CyberDan: No, but close...

Puke Skywalker: What is it?!?!

CyberDan: ...a sword.

Puke Skywalker: BORING. That's meady-evil times.

CyberDan: No, it's medieval times.

Puke Skywalker: I should go to school then...I'm baaaaad.

CyberDan: You should.