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Paper Kirby is a RPG game, based off of Paper Mario. This game has a 2Dcharacter roaming a 3D enviorment.

Main Story

It all starts with a story. The Dream Sprites are guarding after the Star Rod, an item of ultimate power. But then, Zero comes out of nowhere and steals it, imprisoning the Star Sprites. One Star Sprite Kid manages to escape the attack. He goes to find the hero of Popstar. This is where our story begins...

Party Members

Name Description Gained in- Field Abilities Battle Abilities
Rose A light pink Dreamlandian Popopo, with a purple bow, and rosy cheeks. Crustville, Crusty Gulch She is able to use her Tattle ability to scan to give information about NPC's, or the area around you. 

Slap (0 FP)-

Tattle (0 FP)-

Multi-Slap (3 FP)-

Baton Toss (6 FP)-

Waddle Danny TBA Flapjack Fortress, Flapjack Field TBA TBA
Banner TBA Dunes, Salmon Sands TBA TBA
Madame Frossnia TBA Flaky Docks, Sugar Snowlands TBA TBA
Lilly TBA Water Fountain, Iced-Tea Island TBA TBA
Popy Boomer TBA Vinegar Village, Red-Pepper Rainforest TBA TBA
Emberto TBA Fire Shrine, Red-Pepper Rainforest TBA TBA
Sgt. Puffs TBA Puffy-Puff Army Base, Mustard Mountains TBA TBA
Adam Starway TBA Gingerwood, Ginger Galaxy TBA TBA

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