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Paper Kirby is a game which has Kirby and all his friends go all over The Dream Kingdom to save Princess Belle and get back the Star Rod from the nutorious Zero and his 7 generals that hold the reviered Dream Sprites. This game consists of Paper Mario battle statistics and similar themes. (And no, the world names don't spell the name of the boss).

The fonts used for this whole game series:

Bold: To describe an important item, a person (only if the person is new and is actually a part of the story), or an enemy (Same thing).

Italics: To describe a location.

Bold and Italics: To describe an event.

Underline: For the Tatte.

Story Intro

It's starts with the 8 Dream Sprites watching over the 'Star Rod, The Dream Kingdoms most prized possesion. Then, a sillouette appears and crashes through the the sanctum ceiling, making the youngest of the Dream Sprites, Dreamy fall towards The Dream Kingdom. Dreamla, the Dream Sprite with a fruit hat, wept as she hears Dreamy's screams of terror slowly dwindle into but a peep. The sillouette was actually the nutorious Zero. " I want revenge after me and Kirby had a grand finale at Ripple Star"( If you have played or watched Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, then you know this place). Then, he takes the Star Rod from the pedastal and locks every Dream Sprites in a magical golden cage. "Muhahahahahahahahahaha! I will defeat Kirby with the power of the Star Rod" Zero said menacinglly.

Prolouge-A: Zero's Return

Then, it shows Kirby's House in the middle of a field. Then, it shows Kirby and his twin brother, Blue eating sandwiches with grape juice. "Aaah, it's just a nice day to relax, isn't it, Kirby?" says Blue. Kirby nods. Then, they get a letter from the royal mailman, Banner, a Bronto Burt. "Here's your mail" says Banner. Then, Blue gets the mail. "Thanks". Blue then walks back into the house. "Hey Kirby, we got mail from Princess Belle, I will read it to you....." says Blue:

~Dear Kirby, I am having a party for the whole kingdom at my castle. So many guest want to meet you for saving many lands across Popstar. I guess I will see you at my castle~ 

~From Princess Belle~

So then, Kirby and Blue set of towards Dream Town by going through Seedy Forest. But, they get blocked of by a Waddle Dee wearing a baseball cap and tennis shoes blocks the way. "Stop right there, you two! I cannot let you through!" said the Waddle Dee. "Why not?" questioned Blue. "Because I, Waddle Danny, have been given strict orders to not let you go to Dream Town." Waddle Danny said firmly. "Now, back down if you don't want to get hurt." Blue steps back and shakes in fear behind Kirby. "K-k-kirby, what are we gonna do?" Blue says shakily. Kirby gets into fighting stance and walks closer to Waddle Danny. "W-what?! You're actually gonna fight him?! I guess I should help too......" Blue says as he shifted awkwardly towards Kirby's side. "Fine! You give me no choice!" Waddle Danny boasted as he dashed towards Kirby, spear-point forward. During the battle, Blue will jusr slap Waddle Danny and instruct you on how to battle against enemies. He teaches you how to jump and how to inhale. He even gives you a free tattle. 

Prologue-B: A Day in Crusty Crevace!

Chapter 1: A Green Beginning!

Chapter 2: Dry-ve for Victory.

Chapter 3: The 4 Look-Alikes!

Chapter 4: Fame and Island

Chapter 5: Mangled, yet Juicy.

Chapter 6: Robots vs. Puffballs!

Chapter 7: A Show in the Stars!

Chapter 8: The Final Hour!

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