The main cast of the first few chapters.

This fan fiction is made by Luigibros2 so don't edit please. This fan fiction is rated TV 14 for massive violence, sexual themes, and strong vulgar language


It's a very sunny morning and 500 people from all over the mushroom kingdom are boarding a plane called Mushroom Cruiser 0405. They are getting ready to leave the great Boshi Island in the middle of the Flower Sea. Many types of people are on this plane including the Master and his Students, a group of performing Shy Guys, a gang of bandits, some treasure hunters, and a duo of mysterious toads, along with some other everyday people. As the plane takes off all passengers on board are up and about doing there thing. After about an hour in the sky the three pilots are sitting in the cockpit when all of the sudden a great horror misfell them. The engines started to fail, when the main pilot went to take care of it a piece of debris flew through the windshield. The two co-pilots fell to the ground calling for the pilot, but it was to late. The pilot had impaled by the giant metal scrap. blood leaked every where the first co-pilot ran out of the room screaming. The second co-pilot had noticed there was a small fire and that the metal had nicked the fuel can in the cockpit. He reached for the loud speaker and shouted into it "This is MC0405's last flight and it's ending right now". The second pilot was still sprinting to the back of the plane. The pilot was screaming "The planes going down I'm the last pilot left"! However at the moment he was wrong as the other pilot was trying to put the fire out, but he realized it was to late he had no chance. He saluted the dead pilot and dumped the rest of the gas on the flames. At that moment the plane was engulfed in a ball of fire. it went hurdling down towards the sea, however it did not land in the sea, it landed in the worst place that anyone could have imagined.

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