Paper Fantendo
Developer(s) OfficialDoubleJ Inc.,
Paper Fantendo is an upcoming crossover game featuring a cast of playable characters from the many Fantendo series. It will feature characters, locations, items, enemies and bosses all from the series presented in the game.


In an alternate universe where all Fantendo characters live together, a mysterious being named Netnu wants to rule over this universe, and make everyone his slaves. He uses an age old spell to turn the world into paper, thinking that this will help him triumph over anyone that stands in his way. Unten hears of this, and knows he must stop him. He remembers about an artifact that will counter any intention of evil, and that it has been locked away for thousands of years. He decides to venture out and gather the strongest heroes and find this artifact and defeat Netnu. Netnu is also alerted about this, and sends out his toughest villains. Now, Fantendo must defeat the darkness before it is too late.


Image Character Description Moves Series
Paperuntenremade Unten Unten is supposingly the last of the Beorn species and is the mascot of Fantendo. It wouldn't be a Fantendo game without him. He was adopted by Chief Dongorio and became protector of the Peaceful Plains. In his first appearance, he saved the Peaceful Plains from a villain known as Doomulus Grime. Lately, he's been with his new sidekick, Zerita. N/A TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR
Paperteardropremade Teardrop An Oceanian known as the Lord of the Loops who leads the Knights of Atlantica. He has the ability to change his form with the power of the water cycle to help him through tough situations. He has defeated Inferadness, the master of Pyrokinesis, many times. He is made from the Ancient Stone's water. In Teardrop: Forgotten Desire, his son, Ritvert must save him from the Soul Crystal. N/A Teardrop
Paperpeshremade Pesh The noble Pouchet knight of Pushopolis who defends the city from Professor E. Vil Oldton and his gang of Hazzies. His love interest and sidekick, Pashie lives right next door to him. Pesh owns a Pushy that can act as a platform as well as push things by bashing into them. His rival, Besh looks almost exactly like him except with a rusted helmet and darker clothes. He, along with all the other Pouchet's, lives in peace with the Nicey's. N/A Pusher's Pile
Paperemeraldremade Emerald the Sceptile

A speedy Sceptile who can also speak. He is a member as well as the leader of the powerful rescue team, Team Gemstones. Along with his close friends, Ruby the Charizard and Sapphire the Empoleon. He also works with his good friend Spear the Braviary who owns an items shop. He has a huge scar on his left leg that he got from his first fight with his arch-rival, Blaze the Lucario. Emerald also has a hinted love interest in Princess Grace.

N/A Team Gemstones
Paperneoremade Neo Koopa A neon-colored Koopa that leads the New Koopa Troop, Yellow Fire, Silver Dragons and Omega Squad. Originally, he was named LemmyKoopa24 until April 1. He has two brothers named Iggykoopa48 and MortonJr.72. He has the number 24 printed on his chest and has a rainbow mohawk and ponytail. His arch-nemisis is NintendoZero who leads the Nega Koopa Troop. Doesn't he look familiar? N/A Neo Koopa
Papermcbooremade McBoo A Red Boo with a cap and bow. His real name is Murphy Quinton McBoo. He is married to another Boo character known as Booberry. He used to work for King Boo and the Boo Troop, but left because he felt it was not right for him. He is also the leader of the four Amighosts. He has worked with his friends O'Lantern, Akro Bat and Ghoularry. He's even worked with his biggest enemy to defeat evil before. N/A McBoo's Mansion