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Dusk's Revenge is a upcoming game for the Wii.

Still under Construition.

Dusk's Revenge
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii, Xbox
Genre(s) Platform
Release Date(s)
Japan: January 1st

USA: January 5th Austrilla: Feburay 4th

1 player
Age Rating(s)
E for everyone
Media Included Wii disk

It is not named Paper Dusk even though it is named like that.

In the prologe, Duskdawn captured Dooppliss; who keeps the world in balance.

Confirmed Areas or Stages

Chapter 1

You start out at Dusk's Mansion where you start walking out of your room when you see a good Yodeling Goomba wearing a shirt that says Duskdawn stole Dooppliss. So Dusk reads it and you go to the 5th floor where you see a Old Black hat. Defeat it so then got to the 4th floor and beat 8 toilet's of truth. Then you go to the 3rd floor and find 10 monty koopa's and defeat them all. Then you find a elevator with a Vampire Orb that was left by Dooppliss. You grab it and go to the first floor and you battle the 1st boss named Megaleg which appeared in another game.

Chapter 2

Somehow you see king boo's mansion 8 inches from yours. You find out that Duskdawn pulled his mansion. You enter it and you find a lot of enemies. The boss is Robotic King Boo.

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Confirmed Partners

Little Grand Koopa

Elder Goomba of Rouooport



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