Paper Bogmire is a game for the Nintendo Gamecube. It follows Bogmire, the Cemetary Shadow of Luigi's Mansion, as he searches for the other survivors of Luigi's Mansion. He meets up with many of them and they join his party. It is similar to the RPG style of Paper Mario. Bogmire can use special abilities from the other survivors to defeat the antagonist of the game, Dark King Boo, a Dark Boo version of him. Bogmire also encounters other ghosts.


X: Party Member field ability.

A: As Bogmire cannot jump, it is used for items.

Y: Party Member switch

B: Action.

C stick: Lightning bolt from Bogmire in the direction moved, similar to the hammer Mario uses.

Analog: Movement.

Z: HP and such menu displays.

Start: Menu, where you can change Party Members, see stats, use items, and equip Badges.

Party Members

Goldy: A Gold Ghost who can use the following abilities: KO: punches. Phase shift: Floats through walls to reach items or make Bogmire untouchable. Also the field. Spook: Scares enemies, similar to Lady Bow. Super-Rank. Speedy: Turns into the colors of a Speedy Spirit and dashes at enemies extremely fast with his spike-tip. Ultra-Rank.

Shivers: A Flash who can do the following: PUNCH-OUT!!: Punches, harder. Cold Shoulder: Freezes an enemy. Uppercutter: Uppercuts, which is like an upgraded PUNCH-OUT!!. Super-Rank. Glacier: Protects the party with a glacier.


Prologue: Bogmire wakes up from his painting, which somehow, he is out of. All of the others ghosts are as well. The Mansion is also gone, and Bogmire sets out to find them! But a problem happens - he's blocked out! And apparently, the other ghost who stayed have changed sides...



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