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Panther Caroso
Panther in Star Fox: Assault
Full Name Panther Caroso
Gender Male
Species Felidae (Panther)

Panther Caroso is an anthropomorphic Panther in the Star Fox Series. He is second in command of Wolf O'Donnell's Star Wolf team, a group of mercenaries that rival Star Fox. He considers himself a "ladies cat, and is clearly head-over-heels for Krystal. Despite this, he is a dangerous foe.

Game Appearances

Star Fox: The Final Assault

Panther still retains his flamboyant personality from the previous games, but his character is portrayed as far more villainous in this game. He shows severe jealousy towards both Fox and Wolf, and halfway through the story, he and Leon are revealed to be working for Oikonny and his new ally. In the second last mission of the game, Panther holds Fox at gunpoint inside a Venomian Cruiser, until Wolf challenges him to a duel. During the fight, Panther reveals that he has desired to betray Wolf and take control of his team for a long time. After a long fight, he plummets down a reactor shaft to his death.