A Pansic.

Pansics are chilly, ice versions of Pansers appearing first in New Super Mario Bros. Omega. They erupt four ice balls every five seconds.

Game Appearances


A Pansice

Omega Chills

As said above, Pansics appear in New Super Mario Bros. Omega, most of the time in snow levels. Cyan-petaled Pansics just hop collision-less like Goombas, orange-petaled ones patrol the area, and viridian-petaled ones follow Mario when he's close.

Ice SMWWii

Pansics appear also in Super Mario World: Wii, but under the name Pansice instead. Pansices got a more cyan body and lighter blue petals. Light-blue ones just go around freely, while white ones patrol an area. And finally, periwinkle ones follow Mario when he approaches them.


  • Pansic's name comes from Panic and Pansy.
  • Pansice's name is derived from Pansy and ice.

NSMBWii Luigi


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