A Panser.

Pansers are flower enemies who only appeared in the American version of Super Mario Bros. 2, a Mario-esque remake of Doki Doki Panic. After five seconds, they erupt four fire balls. Red-petaled ones just walk carefree, but green-petaled ones take their job more serious and patrol their area more safely. Blue-petaled ones are the smartest, as they approach Mario when he approaches them.

Game Appearances

Omega Pansy

Pansers make another appearance in New Super Mario Bros. Omega after a long absence. Not only red-, green-, or blue-petaled Pansers re-appear, but also the new sub-species Pansic and Pansora.

Super Panser World: Wii

Pansers appear in Super Mario World Wii along with the two sub-species Pansice and Pansunder.

Super Mario 3DS World

Pansers appear here under the name of Pansears. Unlike most games, Pansers have only 2 forms. The Light Red ones spit homing fire while the Dark Red ones surround themselves with fire. They appear in Plains Levels and Desert Levels. They have old subspecies like Pansic and Pansea, but they have a new subspecies called Pansand.

Mushroom War

Pansers appear again in Mushroom War, an MMORPG based in the Mario Bros. universe. Here they are one of the primary enemy types seen under the 8 Bit Club, alongside Shy Guys, Snifits and Ninji. Several (currently unnamed) subspecies of Pansers exist that cover the various environments, including some hybrids between them and Piranha Plants or Volcano Lotuses. Although Pansers are not playable for players who choose the 8 Bit Club faction, they can be adopted as battle pets either through completing specific quests or by purchasing them from the Dream Market (the 8 Bit's faction-specific store).

Some Pansers, known as Kampfpansers, are also shown to drive tanks for Wart and can be piloted by a Schildkrötenpanser, a type of Panser soldier that wears a helmet fashioned out of a defeated Koopa's shell. Another type of soldier Panser is the Gepansert, which is covered in armor and spits knives instead of fire. However, these three types are specifically stated to be made up of various other types of Pansers, and not their own subspecies.


  • Pansers' name is most likely derived from Panzer, a German tank, and Pansy, a flower.

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