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Pangaia is a country consisting of four major regions, featured in the game Olive by N Studios. It is bordered by neighboring countries to the north and west, while meeting the Greater Noe Sea at the south and east. The country is relatively new, and a united ancient civilization once inhabited the same land, as explored by the plotline of Olive.








After the advent of darkness, and the creation of The Other Side removing all Prismkeepers from the land of Utomina, the ordinary people left behind on the ravaged landscape began to congregate. After a few months, two Prism Masters, Aryeon Vazel and Pangaia Heart, managed to escape The Other Side, and the people rejoiced their return. With their assistance, the haphazard structure of the leftover society was transformed into a much more technological country, rivaling that of the old Utomina. Prism energy was now being utilized as a source of electricity, rather than given out as a magical power for special humans. The land was renamed to Pangaia as part of this rebirth, as she became the first central monarch (in this case, queen) of the new country.

Time of Olive Kasza

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  • Each region of Pangaia is loosely inspired by a culture in real life. Earlier in development, this influence was greater, but over time, the regions developed identities of their own, straying away from their real-world foundations. The names of the regions and the places within them are the strongest indications of the cultures they started out following.



Main Characters

Olive Kasza

Joza VazelKokoroZania VazelMoska SnowenskaAryeon VazelRain Valore

RaincloakValldimreResonati KaszaPresume Lux

Main Locations

Pangaia | KrajCentralisNantoSnezhok

The Other SideUtomina

Others of Importance

PrismOriginal Children