Brother, this world looks fun at the very least. Let us stay a while, take a load off. The Fan knows we need it.
Pandora to Prometheus

Full Name Pandora Aries
Current Age Presumably in 100s
Gender Female
Species Warmaster
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Prometheus (brother)
Main Weapon(s) Ice Whip
Ability/ies Cryogenesis

Mastery of most forms of combat and weaponry


Vulnerable To Fire

"Dishonorable" combat tactics

First Appearance Project F Zone

Pandora is a female Warmaster who first makes her appearance in Project F Zone, alongside her brother Prometheus.


Like all Warmasters, Pandora is fairly emotionless outside of combat. She tends to stay calm and collected in nearly every circumstance, rarely being surprised or alarmed. She's a fairly nice person, and is known to be one of the kinder Warmasters in existence (or as Prometheus calls it, "one of the more merciful").

In combat, Pandora is far more emotionally active and aggressive, much like the other members of her species. As opposed to sheer rage, however, her personality tends to shift towards simple child-like happiness, and she becomes more excitable and cheerful.


Pandora and Prometheus are the first two Warmasters to arrive in the New Fantendoverse after an exodus (referred to by Pandora as a "vacation") from their former prison planet of Surtur. The two become separated upon arrival, with Pandora landing in the Luna Cafe as Unten and Leah are in the building.


Like all Warmasters, Pandora has incredible strength, agility, and mastery over warfare, having knowledge of almost every known form of martial artistry and most melee weapons. Her primary weapon is a small handle-like object filled with water, which she can freeze into a variety of ice-based weaponry, the most common of which being a spiked whip.

Aside from her melee combat abilities, Pandora also possesses flight and light cryogenesis.


Project F Zone

Pandora makes her first appearance in this game.