Pancake Land is a Nintendo 2DS game and the sequal to the game Waffle Land
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It all started on a momday it was time for school Max's mom was waking Max up so everything went out good so far normal.

Max was eating breakfast when suddently something was strange about the pancake he was eating it started to make strange noices Max speak softly and said "Wait a second somethings not right here pancakes arnt supposed to talk" so then Max showed his mom that the pancake was making strange noices strangely his mom check and it didn't make any sound the pancake is trying to make it look like he was crazy so then Max went to school everything was normal untill Max saw a pancake in his locker it may have appeared like Max was insane again anyways it keep hapaning again and again even at his sleep he can still picture like the talking pancake was right inside his head.

the next day Max woke up it felt like everything was back the way it should be "OR IS THIS PANCAKE NIGHTMARE OVER OR WAS IT ALL A DREAM" at school in the gym max was excersicing when suddedly he saw which appeared to be his friends but for some reason for him it looked like pancakes.

it keeped happaning all day in school then Max came home from school he goes to his room suddenfly another pancake comes to Max's room  Max freaks out and calls his mom quickly comes in and the pancake quickly disappears Max's mom says "you  need to stop watching horror movies sweaty talking pancakes it is all in your head so just try or forget about it" 

the next day Max saw the talking pancake again and this time not just one no but hundreds and hundreds of pancakes in Max's room Max started to scream "MOM MOM TALKING PANCAKES THEY ARE REAL MOM LOOK AT ALL THESE PANCAKES COME ON MOM TO SHOW YOU THAT I AM NOT CRAZY"

the pancakes magically make a demension portal and suck Max and them in it.


Level 1:Welcome to Pancake Land

Level 2:boxile land

Level 3:

Level 4:

Level 5:

Level 6:

Level 7:

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