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PalmMan Worlds is a 3-D Side-scrolling game for DSi. It features PalmMan journeying to save the sacred Comet Sashes from Mine Man. It is a Coke Dimensions game. It takes the gameplay of Super Mario World. A remake of this game will release for the S.T.Y.L.U.S.


  • The Comet Sashes go missing one by one
  • Meteor and shooting star probability goes up highly
  • MineMan sends a broadcast threatening to pummel 4.5 with Meteors
  • PalmMan sees the broadcast and tries to figure out his location
  • Eventually, the world splits into 27 worlds
  • PalmMan is in the Coconut Forest world
  • PalmMan fights the Nutty Queen
  • The Nutty Queen becomes a Portal to the Scratched-Up Seas
  • PalmMan fights Shark Man
  • Shark Man becomes a portal to a snow fort
  • PalmMan meets Young Ike
  • Young Ike is highly paranoid, and fights PalmMan
  • PalmMan wins the fight
  • Young Ike joins PalmMan
  • PalmMan and Young Ike journey through the worlds, defeating bosses that turn into portals
  • PalmMan and Young Ike eventually fight themselves a few times
  • The duo meet MineMan
  • MineMan threatens to kill Young Ike
  • PalmMan defeats MineMan
  • Young Ike returns to his world
  • The Comet Sashes are returned
  • 4.5 is safe



  • Area 1-Coconut Forest
  • Area 2-Scratched-Up Seas
  • Area 3-Snow Fort
  • Area 4-Alpha Road
  • Area 5-Chocolate Labyrinth
  • Area 6-Dark Colosseum
  • Area 7-Eliminatory Hills
  • Area 8-Mining Hall
  • Area 9-Palm Dream
  • Area 10-Underground
  • Area 11-Coke House
  • Area 12-New Dark Colosseum
  • Area 13-Ladder World
  • Area 14-Mathematical Tower
  • Area 15-Icy Desert
  • Area 16-Destiny Crevice
  • Area 17-New NEW Dark Colosseum
  • Area 18-Rewinded Caves
  • Area 19-You Could Die If The.../\/\/\/\/\...Appears
  • Area 20-Nowhere Near The Final Area
  • Area 21-Maze of Wonder
  • Area 22-Music Caverns
  • Area 23-Deception Currents
  • Area 24-The Sea In The Sky
  • Area 25-The.../\/\/\/\/\...Appears Again
  • Area 26-Mining Palace
  • Area 27-Mine Man


  • Coconut Forest-Nutty Queen
  • Scratched-Up Seas-Shark Man
  • Baby Fort-Young Ike (Play as PalmMan, win to unlock Young Ike)
  • Alpha Road-Magma Man
  • Chocolate Labyrinth-S.U.G.A.R.
  • Dark Colosseum-Text Man DS
  • Eliminatory Hills-Flash Man
  • Mining Hall-Mine Man Clones
  • Palm Dream-PalmMan (Play as Young Ike)
  • Underground-Mecha Ax
  • Coke House-COKEMAN11
  • New Dark Colosseum-Text Man DSX
  • Ladder World-Young Ike (Play as PalmMan)
  • Mathematical Tower-Mathy Maths
  • Icy Desert-Poko-Poko
  • Destiny Crevice-PalmMan (Play as Young Ike)
  • New NEW Dark Colosseum-Text Man DSXA
  • Rewinded Cave-Video Man
  • You Could Die If The.../\/\/\/\/\...Appears-The /\/\/\/\/\
  • Nowhere Near The Final Area-Teased
  • Maze of Wonder-Young Ike (Play as PalmMan)
  • Music Caverns-Notes and Notes
  • Deception Currents-Fake Man
  • The Sea In The Sky-Tornado Man
  • The.../\/\/\/\/\...Appears Again-The /\/\/\/\/\
  • Mining Palace-Mine Man
  • Mine Man-Mine Man EX/Mine Man SP



  • Coconut Pinball
  • Palm Maze
  • Small Slashing
  • Bows & Arrows
  • Young Ike's Paintball Party


  • Young Ike's Snowball Fight
  • Coconut Dodging
  • Game Quiz
  • PalmMan's Cruise Managing
  • Young Ike's Diner Managing
  • Beach Festival
  • PalmMan's Coconut Fight

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