PalmMan 5: Chaos Inverted is the fifth game in the PalmMan series, this time for the Game Boy Advance. The game was released in Late 2001.


Shadow Man launches a rebellion against MineMan and the other three Robots. Only in the middle of the game this time do PalmMan and Dragonman join the fight.

Playable Characters


  • Shadow Man's Island (MineMan becomes playable)
  • The Lab (Splash Woman becomes playable)
  • The Center of The Lab (Magma Man becomes playable)
  • Ruins of the North
  • Ruins of the East
  • Ruins of the South (Galaxy Man becomes playable)
  • Ruins of the West
  • The Center of The Ruins (PalmMan and Dragonman become playable)
  • City of Yargo
  • City of Yargo Boss-Black Dragon
  • Rural Canyon
  • Beach of Bombs
  • Shadow Man's New Island
  • MineMan's Home
  • Shadow Man's Elite Squad Tarantula Office (E.S.T.O.)
  • Shadow Man's Elite Squad Tarantula Office (E.S.T.O.) Boss-Elite Squad Tarantula (E.S.T.)
  • The Dark Realm
  • The Dark Realm Boss-Shadow Man

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