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The Logo.

It's time to divide and conquer.
PalmMan 3: Divide and Conquer tagline

PalmMan 3: Divide and Conquer is the third game in the PalmMan series. It was released for the GameBoy Color in Late 2000.


After 2 failed attempts to turn Dragonman evil, MineMan decides to make robots to help him. He gives each of them an army to take over a certain area, and a bomb to divide it from all the other areas. This time, PalmMan nor Dragonman are captured; the young knight Young Ike is kept as a lure for PalmMan and Dragonman.

Playable Characters


  • Alpha Kingdom
  • Boss: Magma Man
  • Beta Kingdom
  • Boss: Shadow Man
  • Gamma Kingdom
  • Boss: Galaxy Man
  • Delta Kingdom
  • Splash Woman
  • Epsilon Kingdom 1
  • Boss: Shadow Man EX
  • Epsilon Kingdom 2
  • Boss: Magma Man EX
  • Epsilon Kingdom 3
  • Splash Woman EX
  • Epsilon Kingdom 4
  • Boss: Galaxy Man EX
  • Darkness Kingdom

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