PalmMan 2 is the 2nd game in the PalmMan series. It was released for the Game Boy Color in early 2000.

The Logo.


  • MineMan reawakens and captures Dragonman.
  • PalmMan tries to find Dragonman, but all of MineMan's servants target PalmMan.
  • PalmMan goes through the Coconut Forest to speak with the Nutty Queen.
  • She does not listen and fights.

(More coming soon)


MineMan has captured Dragonman yet again, and PalmMan must now take on different identities to stop MineMan.


  • Spy PalmMan
  • Hippie PalmMan
  • Surfer PalmMan
  • Agent PalmMan
  • Officer PalmMan
  • Dark PalmMan
  • Ghost PalmMan
  • Baby PalmMan
  • Worker PalmMan
  • Alien PalmMan


  • Coconut Forest
  • Time Castle
  • The 70's
  • Time Castle II
  • The Beach
  • Time Castle III
  • Secret Agency Base
  • Buisness Depot
  • Dark Temple
  • Shadow Realm
  • Ghost Mansion
  • Dark Temple II
  • Time Castle IV
  • PalmMan's Childhood
  • Time Castle V
  • PalmMan's 20's
  • Time Castle VI
  • Deep Space
  • Electron Comet
  • MineMan's Fortress


  • Nutty Queen
  • Coconut Forest
  • Kakalok
  • The 70's
  • Lion Lad
  • The Beach
  • Siren S.Y.R.
  • Secret Agency Base
  • Shadow of Dragonman
  • Ghost Mansion
  • Baby MineMan
  • PalmMan's Childhood
  • Teenage MineMan
  • PalmMan's 20's
  • Alien Invaders
  • Deep Space
  • MineMan
  • MineMan's Fortress


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