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PalmMan1Logo PalmMan is the game where the PalmMan series started. It was released for the GameBoy Color in Late 1999.


  • MineMan comes to 4.5.
  • MineMan unleashes many terrors upon 4.5.
  • MineMan kidnaps Dragonman.
  • MineMan sends the Miner-Bot to attack 4.5.
  • PalmMan finds the Miner-Bot.
  • PalmMan kills the Miner-Bot.
  • PalmMan advances to 4.5 City.
  • PalmMan defeats the Rocky Roader.
  • PalmMan finds the Alpha Road.
  • PalmMan defeats Magma Man.
  • The Mining Hall appears.
  • MineMan meets PalmMan.
  • MineMan leaves, and puts the improved Miner-Bot in his place.
  • PalmMan beats it and follows MineMan back to 4.5.
  • PalmMan sees that 4.5 is completely taken over by MineMan.
  • The DarkMettaur is doing a Godzilla parody.
  • PalmMan defeats the DarkMettaur.
  • The explosion sends PalmMan to Dark Space.
  • The constellation, Pegasus, comes to life and attacks PalmMan.
  • After being defeated, Pegasus reveals that the fight was a test.
  • Pegasus transports PalmMan to MineMan's Castle.
  • PalmMan takes on MineMan in an epic battle, where MineMan loses.
  • Peace is restored.


MineMan has kidnapped Dragonman, PalmMan must rescue him.


  • 4.5
  • 4.5 City
  • Alpha Road
  • Mining Hall
  • New 4.5
  • Dark Space
  • MineMan's Castle


  • Miner-Bot (4.5)
  • Rocky Roader (4.5 City)
  • Magma Man (Alpha Road)
  • Miner-Bot 2.0 (Mining Hall)
  • DarkMettaur (New 4.5)
  • Pegasus (Dark Space)
  • MineMan (MineMan's Castle)


  • Rock Bot
  • Coal Bot
  • Stone Bot
  • Pebble Bot
  • Boulder Bot
  • Pick-Ax Bot
  • Zoom
  • Bronze Bot
  • Silver Bot
  • Gold Bot
  • Platinum Bot

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