PalmMan's Memories is a story that takes place after the events of Fantendo Silence and is in the Fantendo Silence: Beyond series.


  • Dragonman: So what did you do with MineMan?
  • PalmMan: He said that he was going to have us engage in an Hourglass battle, but I locked him away.
  • Dragonman: And MineMan's Robots?
  • PalmMan: ...OH DRAT, it's war all over again!

Chapter 1

PalmMan knew that Magma Man liked to hang around the Alpha Road. Obviously Splash Woman lived underwater. But PalmMan said that splitting up would be a bad idea so they flipped a coin, and Magma Man was going down first.

Dragonman was the only one who actually knew the way to the Alpha Road, so he flew PalmMan there. However, the place had become a desert with a volcano in the middle. PalmMan could not risk getting burnt, so Dragonman had to lure Magma Man down the volcano. As PalmMan waited, he started to hear very strange noises, like pulsing noises. Then a beam of light shined down. PalmMan looked up to see a giant UFO. He was sucked in only to see the one, the only: Galaxy Man.

Chapter 2

Galaxy Man owned the Black Hourglass, which must have meant Magma Man had the red, Shadow Man had the purple, and Splash Woman had the blue. PalmMan's goal was to keep them all apart, as his theory was that if all hourglasses were fused, they would have the power to free MineMan. Galaxy Man must have been trying to fuse the black and the red to form the crimson.

Galaxy Man shot out UFO minis and they held PalmMan down, and then he blacked out.

He woke up in space, with his home planet nowhere in sight. PalmMan looked out only to find out that there was:

  1. Oxygen.
  2. An invisible path.

PalmMan followed this invisible path up to Galaxy Man. Galaxy Man had black holes surrounding a circle battlefield. There was also a UFO hovering ahead. Inside the beam was the Crimson Hourglass. That can only mean one thing. PalmMan thought. That thing was that this was a Hourglass battle.

To be continued

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