Palionus is a lizard-like creature who appears in Firuma! Gilenki Kiwa!. He appears in 64th episode, Deep of Deadly.


Palionus is a large reptilian creature. He has a single large yellow horn and a red frill along his back that is quite distinct from his dark green body. His arms are short and have three claws on each hand. In addition he has short, Light Green legs with two toes each, said toes are not clawed however. He lastly has a small tail that seems to serve no purpose.


  • Reform: Palionus is able to revive himself 3 seconds after dying, this ability can only be used once.
  • Claws:Pailonus using his claws to attack at close range
  • Flame Ray: Pailonus shoots a ray of high energy that combusts anything it touches


In the 67th episode, he attempts to terroize the Adachi ward where main characters live in Tokyo with his Flame Ray ability, Palionus later attempts to destroy the main character's house. He was stopped and defeated by the main characters for first time, however, he used his Reform ability and continues to battle the main characters, a second time. After the battle however he is again defeated by the Main Characters and is unable to use his Reform Ability and dies.


Palionus's height is 7'02" in height, it isn't specified if this includes his horn and/or tail.


  • His second death is very similar to Goldars's defeat from the Ultraman Tiga series

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