Paladia Viscoe
Full Name Paladia Viscoe
Current Age 18
Date of Birth 782FC
Gender Female
Location Archoeia
Current Status Alive
Class Hemomancer
Scirevicis Academy
Ability/ies Hemomancy
First Appearance Blood Trance
Latest Appearance Blood Trance

Paladia Viscoe is a character in Blood Trance, and a Hemomancer in training at the Scirevicis Academy.

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Blood Trance Edit

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Twenty-Second Choice: Hostility Edit

Personal Information Edit

Physical Description Edit

Paladia is of an average height, with long hair (which she dyed red) and red eyes (an effect caused by her use of Hemomantic magic). Her arms are covered in scars (a trait typical of many Hemomancers), from where she has cut herself to make use of her blood-based magic abilities. She usually wears a long red dress.

Personality Edit

Paladia is sadistic, taking great delight in causing or witnessing pain in others. She is very irresponsible, rarely performing what she needs to do without Coronos forcing her to. She also disregards the safety of herself and others when doing something that could be potentially dangerous.

She has an unhealthy obsession with blood, even more so than usual for a Hemomancer.

Abilities Edit

Paladia is skilled at Hemomancy, perhaps more than Coronos.

Relationships Edit

Coronos Williams Edit

Paladia sees Coronos as her closest friend, putting aside most of her negative personality traits when dealing with him. Whereas the pain of others brings her joy, she is angered if anybody brings harm to Coronos. She is slightly romantically interested in Coronos, but fears that Coronos does not share her feelings and thus has not let anybody know of her feelings.

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