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Pairing Up is a game mechanic in Fire Emblem: Blade of Undeath. It allows two characters to move, act and fight together, also getting bonuses to fighting and to their stats. This mechanic first appeared in Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Stat Bonuses

The leading character gains bonuses to his stats according to the formula:

((Support Level) + (Leader stat)) - (Partner stat)


Support Level: 1,2,3 or 4, according to C,B,A or S.

Leader stat: The Leader's stat value.

Partner stat: The Partner's stat value.

The leader gains a fixed +1 to movement when paired up with a mounted unit.

Fight Bonuses

Paired up units gain the following bonuses when fighting (And also when adjacent without pairing up):

Aid Another

The leader gains these bonuses, according to it's support with the partner:

None: +10 Hit

C: +10 Hit, +5 Avd

B: +15 Hit, +10 Avd, +5 Crit

A: +15 Hit, +10 Avd, +10 Crit

S: +20 Hit, +15 Avd, +10 Crit, +5 Def

Followup Attack

After the leader attacks, the partner has the following chanses to attack too:

((Support Level) + (Leader Charisma)) + (Partner speed)


Support Level: 1,25, 45 or 65, according to C,B,A or S.

Leader Charisma: The Leader's Charisma stat value.

Partner speed: The Partner's speed stat value.

The partner has the chance to Critical-Hit just as if he attacked on his own.


The partner has the following chances to defend the leader, causing the attack to miss:

(Support Level) + (Partner defense)


Support Level: 1,5, 10 or 20, according to C,B,A or S.

Partner defense: The Partner's defense stat value.

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