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These are the cutscenes from Paintverse - Just the start!.

Opening Scene

Many many years ago....

A demon by the name of Spightmare tried to take over Artizz with his army of demons...

Black screen fades away and reveals a freeze frame of an army of knights facing off against Spightmare

Spightmare was winning until eventually, he met his doom when his Dark Crown was destroyed....Spightmare was sealed below the ground with the rest of his dark army...

Cuts to Spightmare being dragged down below

However, that wasn't the end of using his dark army's life energy he managed to not only rebuild his crown, but give it more power than ever before, however, due to Spightmare's defeat, he was severely weakened and he lost all of his dark magic, he'd had to wait some time before getting his dark powers back....

A very, very long time...

Cuts to present day in Artizz

Artizzians talking but are interrupted when a dark portal apperars in the ground, then Spightmare rises up from the ground with his army and starts attacking Artizz with his army

Now Spightmare is back and with his new Dark Crown, he's not only enormous in size but his power has grown alot too, so much that he managed to complete his dark wish....take over Artizz....

He treated the Artizzians as slaves until one day, one Artizzian known as Pincelle decided to stand up for her and her people...

"HEY YOU, BIG GUY! You don't deserve to sit in that big ol' throne, you are a big dumb meanie that treats us like garbage and i won't stand it anymore!" said Pincelle with determination in her eyes.

However, Spightmare only laughed before trapping her in an ancient relic of Artizz known as "The Soul-Brush" and banished her to a different planet in Paintverse, however, just before all of her power was drained away by the Soul-Brush she managed to send a portal through universes that would land right in Earth waiting for a hero to find it and use it to go to Paintverse...

Meet Sketch

This is Sketch....

Cuts to Sketch walking through the woods

He is your normal average boy, he's enthusiastic, energetic, quirky and always tries to make his friends laugh, though he never thought of himself as important, every week he decides to take a short walk through the woods, it's always the same with some minor differences, but this time osomething different happened, something very different...

"Hm? What's that light? Is it a....flashlight or something?" says Sketch while getting closer.

What he found wasn't a flashlight, but a glowing orb of light hovering over the ground.

"W-What is this? *gulp*" says Sketch while shivering a bit.

Sketch moves his finger closer to the orb itself to touch it, once contact was made, he felt a weird sensation go through his body while a bright flash engulfed eveyrthing, when he opened his eyes he saw that the woods had changed drastically, he only shivered more before noticing a paintbrush roll up to his feet.

"Hey, hey you!" says the paintbrush

"Y-You're.....You're a talking paintbrush!!" says Sketch in panic.

"Yeah yeah whatever i can explain later but--" says Pincelle before being interrupted.

"Nonononono! I must of have stpped over some sort of weird plant! Yeah! This must be an hallucination of some kind! There's no way there can be a talking paintbrush, can it? CAN IT!?" says Sketch before Pincelle interrupts him.


After Pincelle explains everything to Sketch and tells him about the legend of The Soul-Brush they are ambushed by a group of wolves

Sketch grabs Pincelle in a rush and starts smacking the wolves before accidnentally shooting paint in their faces, after learning how to use it Sketch goes into fighting stacnceb fore the screen cuts to black, transitioning into the tutorial fight level

The Big Bandit (Before Boss Fight)

"Well! Well! Who do we have here?" says the Big Bandit before turning aound to face his challenger.

"Wow, looks like someone is a big fan of all-you-can-eat buffets!" says Sketch with a small grin before chuckling a bit.

"Okay kiddo, listen, you have 2 options, getting the heck out of this place right now or fighting me!" syas The Big Bandit while looking at Sketch.

"Pfffft, can someone say something more cliche than that?" says Sketch while pointing at The Big Bandit with Pincelle.

"Grrraah! Better get those tears ready kiddo! Cuz' you'll be cryin' rivers once i'm done with you!" says The Big Bandit before going into fighting stance.

Screen fades to black, transitioning into the boss fight

The Big Bandit (After Boss Fight)

"N-NO! NO! MY STUFF!! GAAAAAAAaaaaooo" says The Big Bandit before falling to the ground.

"News Flash. That stuff wasn't even yours to begin with" says Sketch before pulling the bag out of The Big Bandit's grip.

"The Galactic Bridge Device should be in here" says Pincelle while Sketch looks inside the bag of stolen stuff.

"Aha!" says Sketch befdore grabbing somethign and pulling it out revealing it to be the GBD (Galactic Brdge Device) "Eureka!"

Sketch leaves the area with the GBD and the screen fades to black

Captain Lobster (Before Boss Fight)

"What now, Mr. Black Beard Rip-Off?" says Sketch while looking at Captain Lobster.

"Now, you face me!" says Captain Lobster before jumping off of his platform.

"Oh yeah? Have you seen how i completely smashed that cute lil' crew of yours?" asks Sketch with a grin on his face.

"Of course i did boy! But it's not gonna go like that! Because i have a secret weapon!" says Captain Lobster before jumping off the plank.

Short silence while Sketch and Pincelle look at the spot Captain Lobster just jumped off in shock

"YAARRRRRR!!!" says Captain Lobster as his own smaller ship bursts out of the water, which makes Sketch and Pincelle fall over.

The pirates grab Sketch and Pincelle, put them on a cannon and fire them off to a nearby coast before the screen fades to black

Captain Lobster (After Boss Fight)

"Gaahh!! You're stronger than i thought!'re still not beating me! " says Captain Lobster before charging at Sketch one more time with his sword.

"Yeeeaaahhh, no" says Sketch before grabbing Pincelle backwards and hitting Captain Lobster's sword away with the Soul-Brush's wooden hilt and then hitting Captain Lobster making him fall to his ship and accidentally hit the Turbo Button.

Captain Lobster's ship goes dashing off at a great speed, so fast that it makes the chest with the GBD fall off

"Easy Peasy" says Sketch before getting a hairpin out of his pocket and startting to lockpick the chest.

"Wait, you know how to pick a lock using a hairpin!?" says Pincelle

"Learned it by watching videos" says Sketch while slowly picking the chest's lock

"And the hairpin?" asks Pincelle

"From my sister, i took it while she wasn't watching and i started practicing, she has tons of hairpins that look similar so she didn't notice" says Sketch before finally opening the chest revealing the GBD.

Sketch grabs the GBD and walks off before the screen fades to black

The Grand Mummy (Before Boss Fight)

"Insolent kid.....prepare to face the wrath of the pharaons...." says The Grand Mummy while floating above the ground.

"You're certainly creepy, so what, did Spightmare resurrect you or something?" says Sketch while looking at The Grand Mummy in the sky.

"Right, get ready to meet your doom!" says The Grand Mummy before pointing at Sketch with his staff.

The Grand Mummy (After Boss Fight)

"'re stronger than i thought....maybe you do stand a chance against the Demon King himself...." says the weakened Grand Mummy in the ground.

"Thanks for the compliment i suppose" says Sketch while looking at The Grand Mummy.

" see kid i'm immortal because of Spightmare's powers but without them i'm just a rotten corpse covered in tape...while any normal person with immortality would just try over and over to defeat you i understand that you're more powerful and just trying to do the same thing over and over is a waste of time...farewell, Sketch and good luck trying to defeat the Demon King...." says The Grand Mummy before disappearing and leaving the GBD behind.

"Hm, at least he accepts defeat unlike the others we've been fighting so far" says Sketch before grabbing the GBD.

Screen fades to black

The Petrarantula (Before Boss Fight)

"Oh my gosh, it's that weird alien monster rock beast thing from before!" says Sketch while looking at the Petrarantula trapped on the hole.

"GAAAWWWRRRGGHHHHH!!!!" roars the Petrarantula while the cave shakes.

"Loks like we have no other choice but to fight it.....*gulp*" says Pincelle.

The Petrarantula (After Boss Fight)

"GAAAWWWRRGGGHHH!!!!" says The Petrarantula while collapsing.

"Finally got rid of that thing..." says Sketch before jumping down and grabbing the GBD.

Screen fades to black

Ice Golem (Before Boss Fight)

"Uhhh....hi there?" says Sketch while loooking at the Ice Golem.

"GRRRAAAHH!!!" roars the Ice Golem.

"YUP, another giant beast thing that only knows how to roar, PERFECT" says Sketch before going into fighting stance.

Ice Golem (After Boss Fight)

"G.....GRRRAAHH.....UGGHH!!" says the Ice Golem before falling down and shattering into pieces.

"Hey look it's the GBD, let's grab it and get out of here before i catch a cold" says Sketch before grabbing the GBD.

Screen fades to black  

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