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Paintverse - Just the start
Developer(s) Dreams Inc.
Publisher(s) Dreams Inc.
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Genre(s) 3D Action Platformer
Release Date(s)
Worldwide - October 4 of 2015
Single Player


Masterpiece Mode

Media Included Videogames

Paintverse - Just the start! is a 3D Action game made by Dreams Inc. for the Wii U, it will be the first game in the Paintverse series, Dream Inc.'s mascot series AND the first Dreams Inc. game to star the company's mascot, Sketch.


The game is about a kid named Sketch as he finds a special paintbrush containing the spirit of an Artizzian, a magical peaceful creature, all of them inhabited Artizz in the Paintverse before a demon by the name of Spightmare took over and enslaved all of the Artizzians, except Pincelle, an Artizzian who stood up to Spightmare before he trapped her into an ancient artifact called The Soul-Brush, he then teleported the paintbrush to a forest far away in another part of the Paintverse...

That's where Sketch comes in, while walking through the forest he found a glowing orb, after touching it, he was blinded by a bright flash before noticing that the forest changed, he then found Pincelle, who tells him that she made a portal before being trapped in the Soul-Brush, she then talks about the history behind the Soul-Brush and how a hero once used it to defeat a powerful demon, Sketch then grabs and uses the Soul-Brush to fight off some monsters before saving a famous proffesor called "Professor Sanster" from some monsters, he says that he was researching the forest and tells Sketch about his proffesion, which is traveling around the Paintverse in his space-ship and doing research on the planet's enviroments, Sketch and Pincelle then tell him about Artizz, and he lets them use his space-ship, Once they reach Artizz, they see how Spightmare broke the planet up into 6 pieces, then Spightmare destroys the space-ship and sends the heroes flying to one of the 6 pieces, Proffesor Sanster then tries to activate a set of devices to make bridges to connect the pieces of the planet, but Spightmare grabs them and throws them across the 8 parts of the planet, now our heroes have to travel across the different parts of the planet one by one in their quest to reach the core and defeat Spightmare once and for all!

Cutscenes and Endings here: Paintverse - Just the start!/Cutscenes


In the game you play as Sketch in a 3D environment, each part of Artizz reperesents a world and it ends once you reach the device holding the bridge, which is protected by a powerful monster, which is the boss of that world.

At the end of each level you get a rating based on your score and your speed, the ratings go from 0 Stars to 3 Stars, if you get 3 Stars in all the leevls you get a special ending.

Sketch uses Pincelle as a weapon, it's main use is attacking by swinging, however, it can also shoots blobs and squirts of paint, which can be utilized as both a weapon and as a tool to complete tasks and uncover secrets.

Pincelle gets new abilities and upgrades as the game goes along, things like super jumps and dashes, there are also power-ups which let you temporarily do things you aren't able to do without them, such as paint rollers that let you go faster and roll up walls.

Now, how does the Game-Pad work? Well, with the Game-Pad you can do lines and other quick drawings with your stylus or your hand, things like fire symbols to shoot blobs of paint that can burn enemies and more, however this drains your Power Bar, which drains everytime you use one of these abilities, some drain more than others.

The game itself has various modes like:

Story Mode

Your average normal single-player mode wher you play as Sketch as he tries to defeat the demon Spightmare.

Co-op Mode (Multi-Player)

In this mode you play as Sketch and an Artizzian as they journey to beat Spightmare, just like in Story Mode! The Artizzian can use the same powers as Sketch's Soul-Brush, but a bit slower BUT with slightly stronger.

Vs. Mode (Single Player & Multi-Player)

In this mode Sketch and an Artizzian face off in a stage modified to look more like an arena! Watch out for hazards and try to beat your friend or a CPU!

The second player has to use a Wii-Mote which means that they don't have a Game-Pad to use your Game-Pad Abilities, however, in this mode oyu cannot use Game-Pad Abilities, instead, some of them become special power-ups which you can grab and use against your opponents!

Difficulties and Masterpiece Mode

The difficulties are named like this:

Scrawl (Easy)

What the heck is that!? It looks like random scrawl! Anyone can do that, you know?

Drawing (Normal)

Wow, it actually looks better than i thought! Not that good but certainly not that bad!

Painting (Hard)

Wowee! Talk about detail! It's uncommon to see something like that!

Masterpiece Mode (Super Hard Mode)

Oh my gosh! That piece of art is actually fantastic! It looks like something that could be in a Museum of Art or something like that! It's beautiful.

(Masterpiece Mode is a mode unlocked after beating the game on Painting Difficulty, it has harder versions of normal enemies and some are even reemplaced by harder ones, the bosses become more difficult and change color AND some new bosses are added)


Name Description
Sketch Sketch is a young boy who finds himself stuck in an unexpected adventure with a talking paintbrush!?! Well, not technically a talking paintbrush, but that's besides the point, Sketch is your average normal boy, gets along well with Pincelle, even if they fight a couple of times, talking about Pincelle, she's basically his weapon! Kinda.
Pincelle Pincelle was an Artizzian who stood up to Spightmare, buuut she got trapped in a, now in her paintbrush form she can shoot paint in various different ways, and, surprisignly, talk just like before she got trapped! I don't think she can move that much without being carried though....
Prof. Sanster Prof. Sanster is a famous professor that likes to travel across the Paintverse using his spaceship to research planets in general, he is very enthusiastic and has a lot of gadgets which can be helpful in some situations.
Spightmare Spightmare is a powerful giant red demon who has 4 spider-like legs but with a mostly humanoid body and arms coming out of them, has 4 eyes, 2 small horns and he's really evil! Like extremely evil and he wants to take over Paintverse so yeah, really bad guy.


Each world in Paintverse - Just the start! is a different piece of Artizz except the tutorial world, which is located on Planet Forreix, a different planet from Paintverse.

World 0 - Forreix

Name Design Objective
0-1 - Just the start indeed! Big forest though you can only move in a small space. Defeat the monsters!
0-2 - Hi there proffesor! Big forest with tall green trees, small lakes and weak monsters. Reach and save the proffesor!

World 1 - Town

This broken part of Artizz contained an enourmous town.

Name Design Objective
1-1 - Welcome to Burushia! Rural town with monsters and bandits terrorizing everything, dark hallways contain secret passages that can be accessed using Pincelle. Reach the other side of town.
1-2 - Trading Festival Big festival-like area with stands of all sorts selling all kinds of things, one can trade enemy defeats for food to regen health (enemy kills work as some sort of currency in this stage). Get rid of the bandits and monsters and save the Trading Festival!
1-3 - Shopping Spree! A big mall-like area with various stores (enemy kills work as currency in this stage as well) Stop the bandits and protect the mall!
1-4 - Invasion! Big burning town with bandits rampaging everywhere, one will have to go through roof-top sections ocasionally due to enourmous swarms of bandits. Reach the leader of the whole invasion!
1-Boss - The Big Bandit Small round area surrounded by houses with eaves which you can bounce on. Defeat the Big Bandit!

World 2 - Tropical

This broken part of Artizz contained part of a tropical environment with islands and part of a big sea.

Name Design Objective
1-1 - The Core Island A giant group of islands with a giant one in the middle, the middle one is blocked by giant rocks, so the only way to access it is through the other islands, there are different ways to access the middle island such as water sections, undergoround tunnels and more. Find a way to the Core Island!
1-2 - The Central Reef A gigantic underwater reef with corals, rocks and clams everywhere, the gigantic reef looks like some underwater city because of it's big size, and there are many parts where you'll have to go inside giant rocks or corals. Reach the caverns below the reef!
1-3 - Coral Caverns

This giant underwater cavern contains shiny crystals that light your path as you travel through this big underwater cavern filled to the brim with treasures.

Escape from the caverns!
1-4 - Pirate Problems Enormous pirate ship with pirates everywhere.  Beat the pirates!
1-Boss - Captain Lobster  Slightly smaller pirate ship with Captain Lobster on it, the area itself is the shore of a big island. Defeat Captain Lobster!

World 3 - Desert

This part of Artizz contained a desert by the name of Colorless Sands.

Name Design Objective
1-1 - Colorless Sands, Colorful Town Big town located in the desert with ruins and pyramids visible in the distance, there are many stands selling things such as food (once again enemy kills work as some sort of currency in this stage). Beat the monsters and protect the village!
1-2 - Ancient Ruins Big underground ruin that's filled with all sorts of ancient hieroglyphics and secret tunnels. Explore the ruins!
1-3 - Pyramid Cementery Giant mazy pyramid filled to the brim with chests, tombstones and sarcophagi. Find your way out of the pyramid!
1-4 - City of the Ancients Enormous forgotten ancient city with all sorts of treasures and artifacts, there are high rocky buildings and special jars with flutes which Sketch can play, when the flute is played a really long snake wil pop out of the jar, this snake can carry Sketch and Pincelle and help them proceed. Explore the City of the Ancients!
1-Boss - The Grand Mummy Big desert area with small dunes. Defeat The Grand Mummy

World 4 - Caverns

This part of Artizz contained a big mountain with a huge cave system inside.

Name Description Objective
1-1 - Entering the Caverns! Big rocky mountain with waterfalls and small tunnels. Enter the Caverns
1-2 - Mazy Caves Big cave area with many branching tunnels. Go deeper in the caves
1-3 - A Light in the Dark Big dark cave area with many shining crystals. Get to che core of the caves
1-4 - The Rampage of the Petrarantula Big speed-based stage where the Petrarantula, a tarantula-like rock beast goes on a rampage destroying everything in it's path, the stage contains falling platforms and slide-like tunnels. Avoid the Petrarantula!
1-Boss - The Petrarantula Big cave are with lots of pipes and shining crystals, with the Petrarantula in the middle. Defeat the Petrarantula

World 5 - Ice

This part of Artizz contained a cold ice mountain.

Name Description Objective
1-1 - Cold Days Big hills covered in snow with small houses in the way of the mountain. Reach the mountains
1-2 - Gettin' Chilly Big mazy cave-like ice area with many ice puddles and icicles Go higher into the mountains!
1-3 - Ice Sculptures Snow aea with many ancient ice sculptures such as small castles or slides. Go higher
1-4 - AVALAAANCHE! Big area where raging avalanches happen very often, there are many rock formations to hide from the avalanches. Get to the top!
1-Boss - Ice Golem Top of a high mountain. Defeat the Ice Golem

World 6 - Forest

This part of Artizz contained a huge forest.

Name Description Objective
1-1 - Forestown Big town cvonsisting of huts hanging from the treetops connected by bridges, the people living in the huts can trade their food, which can heal you (enemy kills work as currency in this stage). Protect the village!
1-2 - Forestemple

Forest area that leads to an ancient temple with monsters and small puzzles.

Get to the center of the temple
1-3 - Forestreasure After getting the bridge device needed to progress the temple starts collapsing, this speed-based stage has falling platforms, many traps and leads to a small underground segment near the end. Get the device and escape!
1-4 - Forestal Fire!? The forest is being terrorized by millions of destructive machines and has become a burning inferno, there will be many giant meachs trying to destroy the forest to affect you or trying to attack you directly. Stop the one behind all of this!
1-Boss - Commander Mechaburn Big arena-like area surrounded by burning fallen trees. Defeat Commander Mechaburn

Final World - Core

The final world is at the Core of Artizz, which is where Lord Spightmare resides.

Name Description Objective
1-1 - Core of Artizz You get dropped off in the core thanks to the Artizzians and the leevl itself is a a big burning area with rock formations everywhere, on which you can stand on, this level along with the rest of this world will try to test all the skills learned throughout the game. Get closer to Lord Spightmare's Throne Room
1-2 - Chased by the Waves A big wave of fire and lava chases you in this speed-based stage which could be considered as a mix of all sped-based stages seen before with some new mechanics. Escape the wave!
1-3 - Boss Bash A This level has you fighting 3 of the first bosses, with small sections with monsters and items in between. Beat the bosses!
1-4 - Boss Bash B This level is similar to the last except you now fight the 3 last bosses. Beat the bosses!
1-Boss - Lord Spightmare Big and expansive area surrounded by rock walls. Defeat Lord Spightmare once and for all!


Name Description
The Big Bandit This fat bandit carries around a big bad carrying millions of stolen items, to beat him you must bounce on the eaves to jump on him, that way you'll be able to attack him and you'll knock him over, leaving him open for attacks, he attacks by swinging his bag arund, by jumping up and stomping the ground, creating shockwaves, and in Pinch Mode he gets the ability to charge and smash down buildings, making it harder for oyu to bounce onthe eaves and get a hit on Big Bandit.
Captain Lobster Cpt. Lobster rides a small ship near the coast you're standing on, he attacks by firing missiles and shooting cannonballs, to attack him you must reflect the cannonball by shooting a charged up paint blob, if it hits the ship it will go out of control and it will crash in the coast you're stanjding on, and while some pirates fix it you get to attack Cpt. Lobster directly, when he's on the ground he uses his sword, but in Pinch Mode he gets the ability to get out a mini-cannon and shoot small cannonballs.
The Grand Mummy This mummy flies around over you with his egyptian staff as he shoots orbs of energy and lightning-bolts, when he fires his lightning-bolt, the spot where it hit will shoot out of the ground, if you manage to dodge the lightning-bolt and step on one of these spots, you'll fly out into the air letting you hit the staff off The Grand Mummy by shooting paint, without the staff the mummy will fall to the ground and you'll be able to get some hits before he grabs his staff again, on ground he can attack by slashing you with his claws, in Pinch Mode he gets the ability to grab the player and throw him away.
The Petrarantula This huge spider-like rock beast stands in the middle of a bunch of pipes, to attack him you gotta hit the pipes to change their direction so that they ultimately shoot high-pressure water at The Petrarantula, everytime he gets hit he destroys the piping and makes you fall deeper into the ground, revealing different pipes, The Petrarantula attacks by shooting beams of energy, throwing many giant rocks into the air, which can change the direction of the pipes if they are hit, and in Pinch Mode he gets the abiltiy to fire web traps that can trap the player.
Ice Golem The Ice Golem is considerably bigger than you, to attack him you gotta shoot paint at his face while he makes ice pillars rise from the ground, that way he'll throw himself up in the air and he'll fall down, breaking in tons of small cie pieces, you gotta attack the core before the ice picces reunite, The Ice Golem attacks by shooting ice shards, making ice pilars rise from the ground, and in Pinch Mode he gets the ability to turn his hands into giant sharp ice shards and swing them at you.
Commander Mechaburn Commander Mechaburn is protected deep inside a giant mech, to attack him you must jump on the trees he destroys to crush you, then you gotta jump on top of the mech and attack the cockpit directly, he attacks by using his flamethrower, shooting drills and destroying trees to make them fall on you.
Mechaburn's Last Resort (Masterpiece Mode exclusive) In Masterpiece Mode after you defeat Commander Mechaburn he gets on a smaller bot roun the same size as Sketch, to attack him you must reflect his missiles and after his bot is weakened by the missile you can attack him directly, Mechaburn attacks by firing missiles, shooting laser beams, charging at you and in Pinch Mode he gets the ability to use his flamethrower.
Lord Spightmare Phase 1 Lord Spightmare is huge, to attack him you gotta climb on topof him and attack him directly, he attacks by punching the ground or swinging his claws, crushing you with his size, shooting web bombs, and in Pinch Mode he gets the ability to shoot fireballs.
Lord Spightmare Phase 2 Lord Spightmare now has gone berserk! He now has all of the attacks he had before plus new abilities like makng meteorites fall from the sky, breathing fire, shooting beams and firing orbs of energy and shooting lightning, the method to attack him is the same as before.
Lord Spightmare Phase 3 In this final "mini-phase", Spightmare is about to shoot a giant beam before he gets hit by Prof. Sanster's spaceship, he then picks up Sketch and the player has to charge up one final paint blast to weaken Spightmare by tapping the A button repeadetly, after Spightmare is hit he manages to hit the spaceship away, making Sketch fall, Prof. Sanster tells Sketch that he managed to activate all 6 bridges and that they will cover up the Core of Artizz, sealing Spightmare inside and that he has to leave, the player then has to climb up Spightmare's Throne, jump on Spightmare's head by timing a button press, and then he jumps up to the planet pieces, however, while the Artizzians do manage to catch Pincelle, when they try to pull him up, Spightmare grabs Sketch's leg, the player once again has to press A repeadetly, after breaking free, the planet pieces seal Spightmare inside Artizz forever.


Name Description
Food This item can only be obtained by trading enemy kills for food via citizens.
Score Orb Really small yellow glowing orb that fills up the player's score, it's dropped in groups by enemies at a common rate.
Health Orb Red glowing orb that refills a bit of the player's health, it's dropped by enemies at a slightly common rate.
Life Orb Green glowing orb that gives the player an extra life, it's found hidden in stages and it's dropped by enemies at a rare rate.
Attack Star Red glowing star that rises the player's attack stat, they're dropped by enemies at an uncommon rate.
Speed Star Green glowing star that rises the player's speed stat, they're dropped by enemies at the same rate as the Attack Star and the Defense Star (Uncommon).
Defense Star Blue glowing star that rises the player's defense stat, they're dropped by enemies at the same rate as the Attack Star and the Speed Star (Uncommon).
Light Star A glowing star that shines in the colors of the Defense Star, the Attack Star and the Speed Star, when collected it will give the player a massive buff-up but only for 15 seconds, it's only found in certain stages in secret spots.
Paint Roller A paint roller found in certain levels, when you ride it you go hyperfast and you can roll up certain walls.

Sequels & Prequels

The creators of Paintverse have confirmed a sequel called "Paintverse - Brighter Days", the only thing known about the sequel is that it revolves around Sketch trying to collect the shards of a magical crystal and that it will give the player more freedom to explore than this game.

While the creators don't have any interest on making a prequel they have teased a story revolving around the war that defeated first Spightmare many years ago, the story will be called "The War Against Spightmare" but apart from that nothing else is known.

Add-on Content

The creators have talked about the possibility of DLC Content, they have said many times that there probably be DLC but that they'll try to make them worth it, some time later they have confirmed that there will be one DLC in the form of Add-On Packs that can be bought at the eShop.

Name Description New Content Cost
The Legend of the Soul-Brush

Experience the legend of the Soul-Brush! Prepare to learn the story of Zacharie Darringson in this Add-On Pack that includes new characters, new levels and new bosses!

  • New characters
  • New setting 
  • 3 brand new bosses
  • New story

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