Paintverse: Rebellion is a prequel that follows Pincelle and was created as part of TechBreloom's Series Swap Day 2015 by Toroko. It takes place in the past as well as in the present of Paintverse.


The story begins as Pincelle in her Artizzian form takes a part of her tail off and throws it in the air to hit one of Spightmare's men who fall dead as the streets of Artizz partake in war. Suddenly she snaps back to reality as Sketch asks her if she's okay. She insists she is but Sketch believes otherwise. She sighs as she begins from the start, just the start, she insists.

"What's bothering you?"

Pincelle rests at a fire place in her Artizzian form, putting out her hands to take in the heat. It is a cold winter night and the orphanage is cold. It has been a long 14 years here and it's not so much that she has been too troublesome for families to adopt, it's just none have ever bothered.

She stares at a book, battered and torn over the years. It tells of a legend in Artizz during the "Birth of Technology" of a attack by a demon lord by the name of Spightmare. Suddenly something slams at the door and Pincelle runs over to answer it to see a woman weary and scared.

"Who was she?"

"Well, I would have gotten to that, now wouldn't I?" she sighs. The woman's name was Estrella and she would not speak for a long time. The other orphans had long since gone to sleep, but for some reason Pincelle had difficulty falling to sleep.

The woman finally spoke a word. "Demons." Pincelle simply stared at her as she put down the book. "They have come and Lord Spightmare too."

"No, that couldn't be... I have a book right here. He is written in the word, he is not real." Pincelle struggles to make sense of this woman's words.

"I assure you he is very much real. Look outside." Estella says.

"So did you see the demons?"

"Would you be quiet for one minute, Sketch?" Pincelle asks. Suddenly she looks up to see that it is Seraphina that is asking the question. "Why are you here?"

Seraphina shrugs as Pincelle continues to tell her story. Pincelle looks at the window and sees nothing.

"I don't see anything..." she says.

Suddenly something comes through the window. A demon crawls onto the floor as Estella heads to higher ground. Pincelle grabs a book and begins beating the creature senselessly as a couple of younger orphans come down the stairs. As Pincelle finishes she notices the orphans.

"Go back to bed." she groans, and the orphans take off. She puts on a coat and grabs Estella's hand. "I suppose we report this."


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