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Developer(s) N Studios Icon
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Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series Painterly Logo White
Predecessor Painterly Logo
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc and eShop Download
Painterly 2 is a 3D action-platformer developed by N Studios for the Wii U. It is the sequel to the company's hit title, Painterly. Painterly 2 continues immediately after the end of its predecessor, and expands on the gameplay style.



Under a great moonlight, the lush hills of Painterly Grove stood still in the calm midnight. In a small valley, just south of the wondrous Prismatic Lake, the cozy village of Staffnote was quiet, save for the swaying of the grass and trees in the gentle breeze. The residents, little human-like characters called the Painting Sprites, were all sleeping soundly. Among them were the famous Forte and Melody, two sprites hand-picked by the creator to venture into another world just the previous day. There, Melody was unfortunately captured after the duo worked to rid that world of darkness, and Forte had to rescue her from the hands of the world's dark lord, Morsai. Once Morsai had been defeated, the creator learned of his true nature, and then the two sprites returned home to now.

Suddenly, the ground shook with a angry and powerful force, moving the weak houses of the village back and forth. Forte and Melody were quickly awakened by this, as were the rest of the Painting Sprites. They all gathered at the front of the village, as a growing shadow rose up over the horizon and blocked out the light of the moon.

Standing at the helm of this great mass of darkness, was a mysterious kid wearing an intimidating piece of headgear that obscured most of his face. The armored wear was decorated in blue color and strange symbols.

"This is what she gets! Monsters, cover this last bit of Painterly Island!" The kid shouted, directing the obedient dark creatures to attack.

Forte and Melody stood ready to defend their home, alongside some other brave sprite warriors.

• • • • •

No matter how hard they tried, no Painting Sprite was able to hold off the onslaught of shadow monsters. Most of the sprites fled over the hills to escape the darkness that was slowly masking everything. Not Forte and Melody, though. They decided to fight through what they could and begin a journey through Painterly Grove, en route to the central city of Painterly Island: Watercolor Falls. To do this, they would need to clear the darkness from the Grove and from the twin peaks of Magmagnetica and Polarizica, electrically-charged mountains of fire and ice, respectively.

Watercolor Falls and Palace

The Ruins

Echo Temple

Aegis' Final Form

The Girl of Echoes



The main game mechanics of Painterly 2 take heavy inspiration from exploration-based 3D games such as Banjo-Kazooie, as well as more linear 3D platforming affairs like Super Mario Galaxy. In every world, there is one main objective: to reach the end boss. However, the journey to meet this boss requires the traversal of every area in the respective world. For example, one world may have a series of items to collect in order to put something together to reach the boss, and each piece is received via completing a different challenge or task that can vary in length and difficulty. This gives exploration a purpose so it does not feel unnecessary. Besides each world's non-linear approach, the progression of the game is entirely linear, and you cannot re-visit worlds once the end boss is beaten.

In each world there are also "Challenge Crystals" that, when enough are accumulated, unlock levels that test even the most seasoned player's platforming and combat abilities. There are 30 Challenge Levels in total. Challenges Levels will unlock Journal Pages that supplement the main plot.



Forte (Painterly 2)
The hero of the first game, Forte teams up with his sister, Melody, to fight back against the evil forces that have suddenly appeared in their world. Across their journey, they will uncover the secrets of the shadows' arrival, and work to bring an end to the darkness once and for all.
Melody (Painterly 2)
Although she did not have much of a heroic role in the last game, Melody is quite a powerful fighter; her magic power is unmatched! She teams up with her brother to take down a mysterious shadow army. Melody is key in solving several puzzles and defeating melee-resistant enemies.
Akaye (Painterly 2)
Akaye is a Speaker, meaning that she can enter worlds of her creation, and even other worlds created by other Speakers. As of right now, though, the only Speaker she knows of is Adam Morsai. Akaye enters Painterly Island to respond to a growing darkness invasion. Upon doing so, she teams up with Forte and Melody to take back her worlds! She is athletic and can access areas that Forte and Melody would have trouble getting to.
Aegis is a cunning, powerful sorcerer of darkness. Without warning, he appeared in the world of Painterly Island and plagued the land with an army of shadow monsters. He seeks to "drown Akaye's worlds in darkness as she deserves." What are the origins of this mysterious headgear-masked kid?


Painterly Island

The world of Painterly Island is the combination of areas created by Akaye, and are generally home to the Painting Sprites and indigenous regional creatures. It is here where Aegis' shadow army descends to cover the lands in darkness.

Painterly Grove
A sprawling field with many different areas, including a crystal-clear lake and some mysterious hills.
Desserted Isles
A pastry and dessert-themed world comprised of many desert islands dotted amongst the vast Watercolor Ocean.
Magmagnetica and Polarizica
A wondrous and fantastical citadel built around a mountain overflowing with magical Prism Water.
Watercolor Falls
A wondrous and fantastical citadel built around a mountain overflowing with magical Prism Water.
Echo Temple
A wondrous and fantastical citadel built around a mountain overflowing with magical Prism Water.


Aegis Aegis
Painterly Path
Chef Octosand
Desserted Isles
Holyfire and Dreadsnow
Magmagnetica and Polarizica
Midas Night
Watercolor Falls (Palace)
Aegis Aegis
Watercolor Falls (Ruins)
Girl of Echoes
Echo Temple (Hall)
Aegis Final Form
Echo Temple (Roof)
Girl of Echoes Final Form
Echo Temple (Darkbound)

Challenge Levels and Journal Pages

Throughout the game, the player will unlock special levels meant to test the extent of their platforming and combat skills. These are very difficult and therefore are not required to complete the main game. The rewards for completing these are Journal Pages, which contain insight into various story elements. These are not mandatory to understand the main plot, but are definitely interesting reads that really add something to it.

Journal #1
Complete 10 Challenge Levels
Journal #2
Complete 20 Challenge Levels
Journal #3
Complete all 30 Challenge Levels


The soundtrack of Painterly 2 is mainly written in an orchestral/film score style. However, only a select few of the songs use actual orchestral samples; most of the tracks use more video game-esque MIDI soundfonts.

(♫) - Uses orchestra samples.

Start Screen (♫) Painterly (Overture)
File Select (♫) Theme in Reprise
Theme in Reprise
Introduction (♫) Moonlight Obscured
Moonlight Obscured
Painterly Grove (♫) Adventure Begins
Adventure Begins
Boss Battle
Desserted Isles
Watercolor Falls (♫)
Watercolor Palace (♫)
Watercolor Ruins (♫)
Aegis 2nd Battle and Girl of Echoes First Form Battle (♫) Face Your Fears
Face Your Fears
Echo Temple (♫)
Aegis Final Form Battle (♫)
Final Battle: Girl of Echoes Final Form (♫) Nearing Fate's End
Nearing Fate's End
Ending (♫)
Credits (♫) Painterly
Challenge Levels



  • Painterly 2 has existed three times before, each with a completely different premise and even characters!
  • The battle against The Girl of Echoes is similar to the battle against Kura from the first game, for obvious size-related reasons. However, due to the character difference (playful and child-like girl of darkness vs. sacred powerful "god"), the theming of the battle is completely different (case in point: Kura doesn't try to eat you).
  • This is the third N Studios game to feature a boss battle against a giant female character. It is assumed that the mechanics of the Kura battle left a large enough impact to be re-iterated multiple times.
  • Midas Night (the first boss of the Watercolor Falls) is an obvious reference to the story of King Midas. One of his main attacks involves turning his henchmen, the Obsidian Nights, into gold weapons.
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