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Painterly Signature Boxart
Painterly: Signature Edition boxart.
Developer(s) N Studios Icon
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Platform(s) V2LogoSmallglow
Release Date(s)
July 2016
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series Painterly Logo White
Predecessor Painterly Logo
Successor Painterly Life Logo
Media Included Disc
Painterly: Signature Edition is a is a 3D platformer by N Studios for The V², and a remake of Painterly. This Signature Edition features vastly upgraded visuals and a slightly modified story to better flow into the next game in the series, Painterly: Life.



Stricken with grief over many occurrences in his life, young artist Adam Morsai creates grim pieces to capture his depressing outlook. They are kept stocked in his studio apartment, only to be seen by his eyes; after one instance of showing his work to another, he prefers for no one to ever see his artwork again. This has left him with severe financial issues, since he cannot sell his work and is unemployed.

One night, while Adam is passed out on his drawing desk, a half-finished painting in front of him, his art is suddenly changed. That captured darkness now turns to light, saddness to happiness, and death to life. However, when Adam awakens to find these sudden results, realizing that the only work left in his image is the half-finished painting left on the desk, he isn't happy about it at all...

Looking at five canvases on the walls, each of them changed from their original forms, Adam notices two child-like sprites in every one, the new characters having fun in each new setting.

"Them..." Adam mutters, taking up a brush, and painting over them with his secret signature, a symbol which he calls the Morsaius. He infects all five changed paintings with this symbol, using it to cover the unfamiliar characters.

Once all of the paintings have been marked, Adam stands in front of the "gallery wall." His eyes roll back into his head, and he collapses to the floor of the apartment.

When Adam awakens, he opens his eyes and sees a vast field in front of him. The sky above is split, halfway red and halfway blue. The sun sets to the west of a stone tower. He ventures inside, climbing to the tenements at the top.

Adam no longer appears in his simple clothing, as he had in the real world. This mysterious landscape is the final painting on the wall, the one least touched by the spread of light. He is in his idealized form, a character he created off of himself.

Adam raises his arms and, with a flourish of his cape, he proclaimed:

"Darkness shall return to the paintings on the wall!"

Suddenly, an army of monsters (also his creations) rips through the environments, invading all of the paintings. In the very first, a world known as Emerald Hills, the monsters find those responsible: a boy and a girl, the two child-like characters. They both try to fight, but in the end, the girl is taken to Adam Morsai's tower, and the boy is left for dead.

Except, not exactly, for he awakens! The boy sets his sights on the tower, and prepares to venture across the ravaged paintings, which are slowly returning to their original forms, to rescue the girl.


The ending sections of the game.

Morsai Tower

As Forte makes it to the roof of Morsai's namesake tower, the artist of darkness congratulates him intimidatingly. "Well done, look upon the one you entered with."

Melody is bound, unconscious, to a post by coils of mysterious dark energy. Morsai stares into Forte's eyes. Forte is offput by Morsai's red and blue "eyes."

"You've made it this far, across all five of the worlds you two visited, the ones whose visions were once mine...can you not change the image of me, with what you think seems better?!" Morsai asks rhetorically, growing more furious, "No, you can't! You don't get to mess with anything, or anyone, just because what you take joy in creating is different!!" A bolt of dark energy emits from Morsai's hand, shocking Forte to the stone-cold floor.

Now that they are both incapacitated, Morsai finally gets the chance to figure out just what the two little characters are. He feels a familiar glow coming off of them.

Morsai begins to laugh. "I you two are bound by someone else? An extraordinary creator with the ability to cast creations into other's worlds without their consent. What a noble cause you must have set out on. It's a real shame that I am perhaps too far gone, and your quest ends here!" Lightning crackles and thunder booms above the tower.

Morsai swings around to Melody, kept to the post behind him. His cape flourishes with the movement. "I want my creations back!!" Morsai sends a barrage of strong magic at Melody, but is deflected just in time by a recovered Forte! His ability to change creations, although still not fully powered back up, is enough to diffuse Morsai's attack.

"Abominations of your creator's power, the both of you! Just leave me alone and die!" Morsai and Forte begin their battle.

Defeat of Morsai

"Urrgh!" Morsai slams into the stone of the tower's roof, wet from the pouring rain of the now fearsome storm swirling overhead.

Forte runs to Melody and frees her from captivity. They hug each other as Morsai lays dormant, appearing to be unconscious.

Suddenly, the tower begins to shake, or rather, the entire world appears to be undergoing a massive quake, which is destroying the tower! The storm picks up even more, and in the mix of thunder, lightning, and the falling tower, Forte and Melody black out.

Eventually, the two open their eyes to a sterling white, shining world of purity. Believing themselves to be dead, they slowly get up and look around. A small temple near them, albeit in a ruined state, appears to jog the memory of both Forte and Melody. They've been here before somehow.

Thunder booms, and instantly, the place is overwhelmed with darkness. An unknown symbol decorates the ground and sky, as a huge and powerful demoness descends from the clouds.

"Powerful sprites who have journeyed thus far, I am known as Kura, demoness of the dark." Kura begins, "Your power to enter anyone's creations however you please is unheard of amongst the creators who can enter worlds. Therefore, you can be the product of only one person in particular...the Master Speaker herself."

Forte and Melody ponder the strange new information given, as Kura brings down Morsai from the clouds, in a cage made of a crackling, electric-looking deep red energy. He looks utterly terrified, quite a change from the confidence and might of his previous persona.

"Adam Morsai, shall we have them take us to the Master Speaker?" Kura touches Morsai with the tip of her finger. This releases the cage around him, and changes his appearance drastically, fueled by Kura's powers of pure darkness.

Forte and Melody now face the supercharged Final Morsai.

Defeat of Final Morsai

"NOOOO!!!" Morsai screams in agony, as Kura rips the energy she gave him right out of his body. Morsai explodes into a shower of those strange unknown symbols, gone for good.

Kura smiles evilly. "I haven't had the chance to control him in a long time." She then turns her full attention to Forte and Melody. "He may have been weak, but I will see to meeting your creator, no matter what."

Forte and Melody prepare for the final battle, against the demoness, Kura.

Defeat of Kura

As Kura explodes into huge bolts of that deep red energy, she utters one final claim. "I can feel her...the Master Speaker...she is near." Kura strangely sheds a tear, then fully explodes, and the screen fades out.


Adam Morsai awakens from his floor. All that remains now is a single painting, of the top of Morsai Tower, with Forte, Melody, and Kura. Morsai stares at it, wondering what is happening now that he has lost his connection with that world.

A shadow appears on the wall behind Morsai. Perhaps, the person who woke him?

Morsai whips around, and, to his surprise, a little girl, no older than 9, stands before him.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" He asks.

"Those are mine." She points to the two painting sprites in the Morsai Tower picture.

"...I know." Morsai responds, holding back some emotion. Not of anger, almost like, nostalgia?

"But why did you attack them? Threaten them, like a villain?"

"To get rid of them. To get my paintings back."

"But your paintings were evil. That's why they came here."

"Look, kid..." Morsai kneels down to her level. "Art is art. Some people have gift to speak with the art, become one with it and interact with their own characters and creations. You, me, we can do this. Except, you seem to have the awesome ability to visit worlds that aren't yours at will. You can go anywhere, do anything! But that doesn't mean you can change someone else's work with your gift. You may not be able to handle or understand darker-themed artwork, but that does not mean it is evil and should be made brighter. There is a place and a meaning for everything. I need my dark art. It helps me. By making worlds darker than life, I can appreciate real life more, no matter how bad it may get. Do you understand?"

The girl nods.

"So, please, can you take Forte and Melody out of my paintings?"


"I'm sorry for the trouble I caused your two amazing little characters, I really am. What do you call them?"

"They are Painting Sprites, do-gooders in the world of artwork."

"That's very imaginative. Keep working. Build your world. Discover new ways to make it even better. Just, try not to tamper with anyone else's world. They need it as much as you need yours."

The girl smiled, and Morsai smiled back. The girl ran to the Morsai Tower painting and touched Forte with her left hand, and Melody with her right. When she pulled her hands back, the two sprites were gone, and Morsai's creations began to flow back into the canvasses.

The girl turned away and ran out of Adam Morsai's apartment.

"Wait!" Morsai called. "What is your name?"

"Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn Akaye!" The girl yelled back.

Morsai would never forget that day. He made sure of it.

The End.


The player controls Forte, the boy who must save his partner and keep Morsai's paintings free from evil. There are 5 painting worlds, each with their own unique, colorful 3D environments. The goal in each world is to open the way to the Morsai's original painting under each, where the boss resides.

Each Morsai painting is sealed away by the monsters of the surface, and the player must fulfill what conditions have to be met in order to get in. In one world, it requires the rebuilding of a key. In another, it isn't blocked at all, rather a heavy focus is put on the platforming to get there. Because of this style of play, the worlds, though quite expansive, feel like large, content-rich levels.


Emerald Hills
Emerald Hills Signature
Emerald Hills is the first world of Painterly. Its simple, bright surroundings are perfect grounds for learning the basic gameplay. Emerald Hills is the smallest world in the game, providing a concise introductory experience.
Icicle Tops
Icicle Tops Signature
Icicle Tops introduces interaction with water, ice, and wind to the game. Just as this world is more difficult than the first, it is also larger and more detailed.
Golden Desert
Golden Desert Signature
The main draw of the Golden Desert is the large pyramid, where four of the seven pieces of Morsai's Key are found. This is the first world with a large indoor environment, and introduces multi-area puzzle elements.
Sunset Field
Sunset Field Signature
A foreboding sun sets on the field in front the omnious tower. The Morsaius symbol appears heavily here, as this world is greatly affected by Morsai's dark power. Everything the player has learned up to this point is tested in this penultimate area.
Morsai Tower
Morsai Tower Signature
Morsai Tower is the final world of the game. It is a straight platforming-heavy climb to the top, where Morsai stands, ready to do battle! But, what could Morsai have up his sleeve for the epic fight...?


Forte Signature
Forte is a Painting Sprite, a character created by someone with the unique ability of being able to visit and interact with other artists' worlds. While working alongside his sister, Melody, to help brighten up Adam Morsai's dark worlds, Forte is defeated in battle by a legion of monsters, directed by Adam himself. Upon regaining consciousness, Forte is without Melody, and heads to the distant Morsai Tower to rescue her.
Melody Signature
Morsai Signature


Painting: Wildfire Dra Gonar
Dra Gonar Signature
Painting: Frozen Over Yeeto
Painting: Raising Dead Gyarkhamn
Painting: Symbolism The Symbol
No Painting Morsai
Morsai Signature
Painting: Great Kura Kura


Emerald Hills

Leafair Signature
A wisp-like creature with a spastic flight pattern and the element of wind. A Leafair doesn't do much damage and is more of an annoyance than a threat.
Kicoa Signature
A small, fox-like animal that found itself lost from its home of the Golden Desert. Its charge attack holds real treat when in great numbers of Kicoas.
Maku Signature
Creatures made of wood from magical trees. They all have a stem on top with leaves that act as propellers, allowing it to fly high into the sky. There are light wood and dark wood variations.

Icicle Tops

Iceair Signature
Icicle Caverns variant of the Leafair. Iceairs are much more dangerous than normal Leafairs due to their ability to freeze Forte.
Sunset Kicoa
Sunset Kicoa Signature
Fire-breathing Kicoas lost from their home, the Sunset Field. The juxtaposition of fire and ice makes these dangerous animals useful in some puzzles.
Monocle Melt
Monocle Melt
Sentient ice sqaures that live in the inner caverns, where it's cold enough for them to survive. They're the bougiest of ice cubes! One touch will freeze Forte, leaving him vulnerable.
Yeti-like monsters with great strength but slow speed. Long-range attacks are perfect in avoiding a Yetal's power while defeating it.

Golden Desert

Sandair Signature
Golden Desert variant of the Leafair. They are dangerous for their ability to employ lightning bolts to attack Forte.
Emerald Kicoa
Emerald Kicoa Signature
A Kicoa variant that belongs in the Emerald Hills. Because its home is water-rich, the lack of water in the desert brings out the savage tendencies of this animal.
A ghostly spirit shaped like a one-eyed mask.
Wizzar Signature
A dark practitioner spirit of black magic. The faceless Wizzar carries a mysterious staff as the conduit of its power.
When Masklies attach to Wizzars, a new monster is formed. A Wizly's top hat can spawn new Masklies if the original is broken.

Sunset Field

Fyair Signature
Sunset Field variant of the Leafair. They can breathe fire, to attack Forte and set the grassy environment aflame.
Icicle Kicoa
Ice Kicoa
Kicoa variant are native to the Icicle Tops. They are quite special in Sunset Field, useful in fire-based puzzles, yet dangerous because of that ability to breathe freezing air.
Fyruo Signature
Flaming wisps that will shoot their hands out, which acts similarly to a fireball attack. If a Icicle Kicoa breathes its cold breath onto a Fyruo, an Icyuo is formed.
Icyuo Signature
Formed from Fyruoes under certain conditions. They are extremely dangerous but hold the key to getting to the Sunset Field boss.

Morsai Tower

The master class of all the Air variants.
Deadly Kicoa
Deadly Kicoas are surrounded by clouds of darkness, and are the most powerful of their kind.
High Wizly
The most powerful variant of Wizly. The top hat can now spawn Wizzars as well as Masklies, as an effort to distract Forte from attacking the main High Wizly.



  • This is the first remake by N Studios.
  • This is the first game released by N Studios for The V² by Toroko.

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