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June 2013
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Genre(s) 2D/3D Platformer
Painterly: Eye of Gyarkhamn is a 2D/3D platformer developed by N Studios for the Neo, as downloadable content for the main title, Painterly. The game controls and looks exactly like its parent title, however, the setting is far more realistic and the gameplay places a higher focus on puzzle-solving.


Sahara Desert, 1885

Will Shafary is a daring young treasure hunter in search of what could be his greatest bounty yet: the eye of the ancient king, Gyarkhamn. It is said that the right eye of the mummified royal highness was replaced with a sapphire of the most dazzling blue during the mummification process. Such a jewel is estimated to be worth almost billions. Since his burial, his pyramid within the Akayeus Valley was buried itself, under multiple sand dunes carried through storms, and only the bravest have ventured to find the sacred tomb, none successful.

However, Will believes that the answers to success all lie in the Khamn Map, an ancient document of the king's own creation long believed to have been lost to the sands of time. The map is said to have the location of the pyramid pinpointed, as well as a message from Gyarkhamn that will save adventurers from a deadly trap that has killed all the other uninformed hunters lucky enough to have even found the place.

"Akayur Village. Home of the one who has my map." Will said as he entered the desert civilization.

Read the ending of the game here.


The player controls Will across his journey for the treasure. The game utilizes many different camera angles, most notably a dynamic switching of 2D and 3D sections throughout the many levels, similar to Super Mario 3D Land.


Akayur Akayur

Akayur (or Akayur Village) is the closest settlement near the Akayeus Valley. It is inhabited by the Tok people, led by the powerful tribal war general, Tok Tok.

Akayeus Valley Akayeus Valley

Akayeus Valley is the location of Gyarkhamn's pyramid. The Wanderers, worshippers of the Protector of the Sands, protect the area from thieves and treasure Will.

Gyarkhamn's Pyramid Gyarkhamn Pyramid

Nestled in the dangerous outskirts of Akayeus Valley, Gyarkhamn's Pyramid lies as a symbolic foreboding structure of the trials both inside and of the life of the ancient king.


Will Shafary Will Shafary

Daring explorer Will Shafary is an experienced treasure hunter. After reading the ancient legend of the Eye of Gyarkhamn, Will sets off for the Akayeus Valley in the Sahara Desert to plunder the pyramid of the ancient king and fulfill the legend.


Tok Tok Tok Tok
Protector of the Sands Protector of the Sands
Gyarkhamn Gyarkhamn (Eye Of)



Tok Soldier Tok Soldiers

Followers of Tok Tok, Tok Soldiers are skilled warriors, commonly trained under the art of close-range combat with special Akayur knives. Once a soldier drops his knife, Will can procure it for himself.

Akayeus Valley

Wanderer (Painterly) Wanderers

Spirits of the sands, Wanderers mess with brave travelers of the Akayeus Valley in order to steer them away from the treasure of the pyramids. They worship the Protector of the Sands, the most powerful Wanderer.

Gyarkhamn Pyramid

Traps Traps

The ancient people of Gyarkhamn were skilled craftsmen. To protect their leader's tomb, they built and installed traps throughout the pyramid, including fist-shaped Crushers and sharp metal Clampers that ride along tracks.


  • Words involving a part of or all of the name "Akaye", as well as the Akayeus symbol, are themes of Eye of Gyarkhamn. However, this story predates Adam Morsai's meeting with the girl Akaye, creator of Forte and Melody.
  • Whereas Painterly has a very colorful, freeform art style, Eye of Gyarkhamn has a very specific "parchment sketch" style, and every art asset adheres to that particular theme.
  • The last name of Will, "Shafary", is a loose reference (based on pronunciation) to "Jafari", as in Jon Jafari of JonTronShow and Game Grumps. This continues the trend of pronunciation-based references started by Painterly.

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