Paint Roller
Paint Roller
Paint Roller's basic appearance
Full Name Paint Roller
Gender Male
Location Dream Land
Current Status Alive
Class Antagonist, Protagonist, Artist
Family and Relations
Adeleine (close friend)
Main Weapon(s) Paintbrush, Art
Ability/ies Can bring art to life
First Appearance Kirby's Adventure
Latest Appearance  ???

Paint Roller is a recurring Kirby character. It is mostly known as a mid boss or a boss. However, he is a main protagonist in some other games.


Kirby Super Star 2

In Kirby Super Star 2, Paint Roller as a couple of appearances. In Spring Breeze, he is the boss of Float Islands. In "To The Stars", he is the boss of the Rainbow Planet. He is also featured in the minigame "Paint Rolling", the players must shoot the targets that he paints. In the game, he shoots paintballs and paints various objects to throw Kirby off. The paintballs, when swallowed, gives Kirby Paint Kirby.

Kirby's Return to Dreamland 2

Paint Roller is only a mere mid boss in the game. He gives up Paint when swallowed.