SM3DL2BUR Painted Mario

Artwork of Painted Mario

Paint Mario is the ability gained when Mario grabs a Brush Flower. When Mario is Paint Mario, he is covered with paint. Paint Mario is first seen in Super Mario 3D Land II: Bowser's Ultimate Revenge.


With this ability, Mario can shoot Paint Balls at enemies to make them slip, or cover them in paint, making them easy to defeat. He can also solve puzzles, like making the right color combination, for example.

Game Appearances

Super Mario 3D Land II: Bowser's Ultimate Revenge

This ability first appears in this game. As explained above, this is used to solve puzzles and attack enemies with Paint Balls.

New Super Mario Bros. Galaxy

This ability appears in the game, but this Paint Mario has a different appearance. Mario has white overalls, and he is covered with paint spots, as well as having a new paint brush. It appears in World 1-3. It is used to cross large gaps, build walls, and other uses.

Super Mario Sunshine: Darkness Isles

This ability appears in the game and the player uses a Magic Paintbrush (much like Shadow Mario and its variants). In this game, that power-up is created by E. Gadd after the player gave the improved Magic Paintbrush from Bowser Jr. to him. With that power-up, Mario can create colorful paint with his magic paintbrush to solve puzzles, walk on graffiti and defeat certain enemies with the paint created by the Paintbrush or with the Paintbrush itself. He can also absorb graffiti to clean the area and then, launch a giant paint ball to damage enemies. Mario can't use F.L.U.D.D. while using this power-up. Mario can change the color of the paint that he launches.

E. Gadd explains that there is a difference from the paint created by paint Mario and the graffiti created by Shadow Mario: the graffiti of Bowser Jr. is a goop matter that can hurt anyone who touches it, while the paint created by Paint Mario can cleanse the graffiti, turning it into a pure paint. Each color that can be used by Paint Mario is related to a specific type of graffiti.

  • Black: Ink/oil graffiti
  • Orange: Lava graffiti
  • Cyan: Ice/Snow graffiti
  • Blue: Water graffiti
  • Beige: Sand graffiti
  • Yellow: Electric graffiti
  • Green: Toxic (goop) graffiti
  • Brown: Mud graffiti
  • Purple: Poisoned graffiti
  • Red: Wall graffiti
  • Magenta: Common graffiti
  • White: Cloud graffiti
  • Gray: Graveyard graffiti


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