Paidi New
Paidi's Appearance
Full Name Paid Tou Fengariou
Current Age 27
Gender Female
Species Lumanix
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Sharp Limbs
Energy Bursts
Ability/ies Hypnosis
Doesn't Breathe
Height 1.72m
Weight 164.3kg
Paidi (Full name, Paidi Tou Fengariou) is a young Lumanix who lived on Lumulious as a child, eventually moving to Earth's natural satellite, the Moon after her ship fell through a wormhole. She lives in the Lunar Colony working as a Metallurgist searching for viable mineral deposits for small scale mining operations.


Paidi is a Lumanix, a rocky entity made up of bound celestial matter. Her body is segmented although humanoid in shape. She has a mostly Light-Cream/Grey coloured body with Aquamarine Celestial Energy and a Violet Core. She also has traces of stardust which her body focuses into her hands, abdomen and a horn on the back of her head. Her body holds five orbital celestial bodies, one inbetween the horns on her head and the other four in her tail-like endlimb.


Paidi is a generally soft-spoken and timid inidividual who lacks a lot of self-confidence, as a result she is often reluctant to do anything too dangerous hence why she enjoys the solitude and ease of safety her job offer her. Paidi has a few friends on the moon although tends to avoid confrontations with strangers, as a result she usually hangs out at her friends' houses when she's too far away from her own home on contract work.

Paidi has a tendency to be overtly cautious and rarely speaks her mind unless she's certain most or everyone will agree with her, as a result she can be indecisive and her friends do describe her as a bit annoying as a result as they often have to work her up to make up her mind. Paidi is also rather overly-apologetic often attempting to make amends for the most minor accidents even if they're not her fault.


Paidi lived and grew up on the distant planet of Lumulious with her parents, a spry and cheery child, Paidi and her parents would often go off-world to explore space dust in search of rare materials to collect and trade. Paidi's childhood was somewhat of a constant adventure as she puts it, often her parents would take her to the various planets of the Lumuli System where the strange ecosystems of each planet allowed Paidi to discover numerous creatures that she would often try to befriend, sometimes putting her own life at risk as a result.

During a fateful encounter with a strange ship that never identified itself, Paidi's family found themselves under attack from an unknown aggressor, with their ship badly daamged and unable to fight back Paidi's parents and her used escape pods and a dispersing pulse to help them escape however unbeknownst to her parents the Dispersing Pulse tore open a Wormhole sucking Paidi's escape pod through causing it to crash on the moon.

Perhaps fortunately for Paidi, the moon already had a fairly developed Lunar colony at the time which allowed her to quickly make contact with civilized society, however due to the extreme distance from her home, the sense of isolation and danger Paidi's life faced in that moment in the Escape Pod caused her to mentally snap, fearful of similar events occuring again, Paidi decided to try and live quietly on the moon, slowly gathering resources necessary to try and message her parents.


  • Paidi's full name Paidi Tou Fengariou is the Greek version of the words "Moon Child"
  • Paidi often describes the various metallic elements of the universe similarily to how humans describe food, stating that the different variants of a metal can have entirely different tastes, ironically Paidi says that all carbon-based food tastes the same describing it as "gooey and rubbery"

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