Paidi's Appearance
Full Name Paid Tou Fengariou
Current Age 27
Gender Female
Species Lumanix
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Sharp Limbs

Energy Bursts

Dark Energy Explosion

White Dwarf Explosion

Ability/ies Hypnosis

Able to Survive a Vacuum

Absorb Dark Energy

Absorb White Dwarves

Height 1.72m
Weight 164.3kg
Sexuality Heterosexual
Paidi (Full name, Paidi Tou Fengariou) is a young Lumanix who like many Lumanix's has no home. Paidi like her many relatives travels the starts absorbing unused White Dwarves and hazardous Dark Energy to sustain herself.


Like any Lumanix, Paidi appears to have a segmented body made up of; Rocky Material, Condensed Dark Energy and Condensed White Dwarves. Due to her young age the Dwarves she has absorbed are relatively small compared to those of older Lumanixes. In addition Paidi has two yellow horns common among Lumanixes born near Red Giants. Her head holds a White Dwarf and two pieces of condensed Dark Energy, Paidi claims the White Dwarf was the first one she absorbed. In addition she has rather short hands.


Paidi is a bit cheeky for a Lumanix, she will sarcastically threaten species who orbit White Dwarves into absorbing the White Dwarves although she often finds this funny, the ensuing armada of warships tends to change her mood rather quickly. Paidi is surprisingly social for a Lumanix, it is unknown why however as by her own record she's wandere alone since her birth. Paidi often visits rogue planets and asteroid belts while on her travels to talk to locals of the area although has rarely stopped on planets as according to her they're "All Government and no action". Paidi also has a few arrests placed on her by the Plasmavoids due to her false threats.

Paidi often tries to tag along with other Lumanixes on her travels although often annoys them to the point in which they ditch her and although she sometimes thinks about what she had done to cause this she gets easily distracted and forgets.


According to her own record and that of those she's made aquaintance with Paidi has travelled primarily around the same three galaxies her whole life and seems to be absorbing White Dwarves at the same rate that they're being recreated although it's expected in about 5 years she'll need to increase her search distance to a fourth galaxy.

Paidi as previously mentioned has had some trouble with law in the past and seems to be in general, anti-government. She believes that governments create unecessary middlemen for everything and think that the way that the Rogue Planets and Asteroid Belts work is much more efficient (that being that there are only producers and sellers.

Outside of surviving and visiting various Rogue Planets and Asteroid Belts along with the scattered random thing inbetween Paidi has had a relatively repetetitve life although seems blissfully unaware of that.


  • Paidi's full name Paidi Tou Fengariou is the Greek version of the words "Moon Child"
  • Overall Paidi is actually slightly shorter than an average Lumanix with most growing to around 2.1m tall
  • Paidi's tendancy to only visit Rogue Planets and Asteroid Belts may hint towards her mother being Rok Zoni Agonas who was known for collecting Asteroid belts as part of her physical appearance.

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