I'll do my best, Mario!
Pahoe, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 2

Pahoe is an Ember, and a partner in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 2. He was first living in the Pirate's Grotto and had previously faced Mario once before. When Cortez commanded him to help Mario, he had no choice but to go along with it.


Attack Flower Points Needed Effect To Attack Pahoe's Hit Points Attack Power Move Ranks
Burn None Rams into a ground-based enemy. Press A right before impact. Level 1: 10
Level 2: 20
Level 3: 30
Level 1: 1/2
Level 2: 2/3
Level 3: 3/5
Flames None Let's fly emebers that burn every enemy. Tap A and B at the same time. Level 1: 10
Level 2: 20
Level 3: 30
N/A Initial
Flare Defense 3 Ups defense. Alternate L and R to fill the gauge. Level 2: 20
Level 3: 30
N/A Super Rank
Explosion 5 A major explosion that takes out most enemies. Alternate L and R. Level 3: 30 Level 3: 10/10 Ultra Rank


  • Pahoe is the shortened term Pahoehoe, a type of basaltic lava that takes on undulating rope-like formations.

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