Page Mage Spellbook
The book.
Item Type Magic
Kind of Item Spellbook
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Has multiple spells for magicians
Related Items
Page Mage

The Page Mage Spellbook is a magic spellbook with multiple spells for magicians and wizards. It contains the spirit eccence of the Page Mage.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

This spellbook appeared after Luigi transformed Page Mage into the spellbook. The spellbook remained on a beach until it was full of magic and hatred and summoned the Mushroom Behemoth. The Mushroom Kingdom was nearly doomed until Donkey Kong came and used the Behemoth Wand to trap the monster, then the spellbook was toke to Mt. Bluefrost for centuries as a prize possession of the Spikes until Wario challenged King Spike to a battle for it and won. Later, the Mushroom Behemoth was revived and Page Mage was released from the spellbook.

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