Page Mage
Page Mage
Current Age Immortal
Gender Male
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Class Protector of Dinosaur Land

Guardian of Yoshi's Island

Mushroom Mages
Family and Relations
Mushroom Mages
Main Weapon(s) Himself, Book Wand
Ability/ies Paper Cut, Page Hit
Vulnerable To fire
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
The Page Mage is a book wizard. He is a member of the Mushroom Mages. He has the power to create spells and use them.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

He makes his debut appearance in this game. He has been chosen to protect Dinosaur Land, which is today Yoshi's Island. Then, Luigi comes and transforms him into the Page Mage Spellbook. He remains a spellbook until the Mushroom Behemoth is revived and he is summoned. After the monster's defeat, he left for the heavens.