Pael Enterfrie
Full Name Pael Enterfrie
Current Age 26
Date of Birth December 9th, 1989
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Ethnicity Consurgon
Height 6'2
Weight 160 lbs.
First Appearance Vandio: First Order

Pael Enterfrie is a human male and the main protagonist of Vandio: First Order. A sword for hire living in Consurgo, the events of First Order change him radically.


Pael was an orphan born into Consurgo, his father a knight murdered in battle and his mother who went missing. Pael studied the ways of being a knight, becoming quite skilled. Pael, in curiosity, learned that his mother was killed by his father, who went insane after years of hard battles. A respected knight, this was covered up. Enraged and jaded, Pael quit his path and took up the path of sword for hire to make a living.


First Order

Pael was roped into the First Order plan after taking up an anonymous job. This lead to him being kidnapped and his sword being stolen. Deep underground, Pael slowly made his way through the caverns, gaining new tools. Upon learning the First Order's plan, he defeated the Order Leaders and eventually confronted a demon they released known as Terminexitus. Pael, remembering all those he's helped, vows to save the world, and with a new outlook defeated the demon and escaped, beginning to teach Vandio about the demons.

General Information

Physical Appearance

Pael was a relatively handsome 26 year old man with rugged features. Pael was very fit, and has blackish hair as well as a stubble. Other features include his dark green eyes, and his main outfit, a cheap steel armor with a torn black shirt and ripped blue jeans.


Pael was a cold person with a sad backstory and poor life, having little care for anything but sustaining himself. However, his encounter with Terminexitus made him realize how precious life was. After this, he was an occasionally rude but good hearted man set on helping the world.


Pael had no supernatural abilities, but was at peak human condition, having strength, agility, and being trained in most popular weapons. Pael was also a quick learner. As far as a weakness, he was a strategist but not very book-smart.



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