The Padge series is a game series by Fusion Entertainment, it has crossed many genres but revolves around a airline pilot entrepreneur called Padge.


  • Padge - A arrogant airline owner, who needs a kick in the teeth to appriciate the finer things in life.
  • Stephanie - Padge's loving wife, she is very calm and is very curious and grateful.


  • Air Traffic Panic - A 1985 NES game starring a more happy Padge in charge of air traffic control.
  • Pilot Padge - The scrapped 1992 SNES sequel where you ride as Padge, a pilot in first person and complete certain missions and shoot targets. Some elements were used in Pilotwings, the first level demo was able to be purchased on the Delta Store in 2011.
  • Padge: Industry Reviver - A 2008 multi-genre flight simulator game with still the old Air Traffic Control system from the original where Padge returns to gaming to save it's age-old demise.
  • Padge: Riches To Rags - A 2011 simulation/action-adventure game for the Hybrid Delta, following a horrid plane crash.

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