From today, these flights will be... err... costing money!
Padge revealing his new line of tropical flights in the prolouge of Padge: Riches To Rags.

Padge, the arrogant airline owner.
(As in Fantendo Smash Bros. Universe)
Full Name Stelios "Padge" Ioannu
Current Age 25
Date of Birth June 6, 1985
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Business Tycoon, Pilot
Family and Relations
Stephanie (wife)
Ability/ies Ignorance, salesmanship, craftsmanship
Vulnerable To The Press
Latest Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Universe

Padge is an arrogant airline owner and star of the Padge series, with his company FastJet.


Padge was a sweet, innocent, delightful child, but when he grew up started off his own airline, ever since he has been greedy, ignorant, arrogant and self-obsessed. He is extremely spiteful, unfriendly and won't talk to others on preference. And is very accident prone and is rather forgetful. He also has a very short attention span, as well as being ignorant. But, he has some positives still in him today, he's very creative. He is slightly unsociable due to his shy unconfidentness. He has quite the knack for craftsmanship, which had developed across the game.



Padge is still in love with Stephanie as he ever was since they still have great chemistry together.


Padge: Industry Reviver

Padge is the main and only playable character.

Padge: Riches To Rags

Padge is the main playable character in the game where he receives a shock to how arrogant he is after a plane crash causes him to mingle with a local tribe. When he leaves the island safe and sound with Stephanie, he vows to change.

Stelios Scramble

Padge is a unlockable character in Stelios Scramble his moveset consists of planes and a afro smashes such as headbutts and pounces. He is a medium speed character and medium-slow jumping ability.


Jump - Plane Easy - Padge hops into his plane for a 2 second lift.

Speed - Plane Charge - Padge charges in a direction imitating a plane.

Protect - Gear Check - Padge braces himself by readjusting his clothes and using his arms as shields.

Combat - Afro Smash - Padge smashes forward with his head.

Finesher - Emergency Landing - Padge lands in his plane quickly and slides across the flatland, knocking anyone out of it's way until he goes off ground or hits someone.


Padge has a dark brown afro, and dark brown eyes, he has olive skin. He models himself on old-fashioned pilots.