Full Name Paco "Mexicano" Gonzales
Current Age 30
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Accountant
Mr. Chilli - Lawyer
First Appearance Mr. Chilli (Game)
Ya' called Chilli?
Paco, Mr. Chilli (Game)

Paco "Mexicano" Gonzales (also simply known as Paco) is an absent-minded Mexican accountant who first appeared in Mr. Chilli. He is the defendant in Mr. Chilli's case and serves as an NPC who gives Mr. Chilli items as he progresses through the game such as a new more comfortable suit, a Mexican hat, a poncho and other items.


Paco wears a black suit and a red tie and has tan skin. He wears black leather shoes which have dirt on them and he also has a thin moustache. In addition, Paco wears an over-sized top-hat and has a thin moustache as well as buck-teeth and small eyes compared to Chilli and Emily Davies.


Paco is very absent-minded and forgetful, he has a poor short-term memory and will frequently forget what he talks about mid-speech because of this. Paco is also always seen smiling and is a happy-go-lucky type of person even when being insulted, where he will attempt to joke around and make sarcastic comments. He does like to stick on task, but will only digress for humour.


  • Mr. Chilli - Mr Chilli sees Paco as a friendly guy to joke around with. Chilli seems to just see Paco as "just an absent-minded client" and generally doesn't care about Paco's action even while he is Paco's lawyer.
  • Emily Davies - Emily generally looks down on Paco, seeing him as a fool and an idiot because of his behaviour and personality. Although she does insult Paco sometimes she generally keeps quiet and would rather keep her opinion of Paco to herself. Although she respects his friendship with Chilli.