A=Pac Punch - Pac Man punches, this deals a lot of damage however, it has some starting lag. it isnt in a combo.

B=Pac Dive - Pac Man charges forward in a dive.

(A)=Body Slam - Pac man slams his chest onto the ground in front of him and sends a wave out.

(B)=Bite Combo - Pac Man bites in 5 different ways in 5 hits.

D A=Down Kick- Pac Man kicks infront of him in a combo.

D B= Arcade Arsenal - Pac Man pulls out a Original arcade Machine  and throws it forward, This has alot fo starting lag, ( The machine will be Pac Man or a Ms.Pac Man arcade machine.

U A= Reverse Kick - Pac Man turns around and kicks upwards in a 7 hit combo.

U B= Upwards Dive - Pac man uses his dive attack but aims himself upwards, It deals the same damage.

FINAL SMASH= Pac Maze - Pac Man Jumps off the stage and  the stage turns into a maze,  all of the foes turn blue. when Pac man reaches a foe they take 30 damage and go to the centre

Taunt 1= Pac Man holds up a photo frame with Ms. Pac man on it. he smiles and then puts it away.

Taunt 2= Pac Man pulls out a pellet and tosses it into his mouth, he swallows it and gives a thumbs up and a wink.

Taunt 3= Pac man jumps and turns into his original formand chomps. he then turns straight back into his normal form.


Pac Man and his alternative costumes on Yoshi's Island

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