Pac-Quest (tentative title) is a 2D maze chase game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment in collaboration with Blender Maximum. The game is somewhat of a "reboot" of the Pac-Man franchise although the game essentially "returns Pac-Man to its roots" and can nearly be considered a sequel to the original arcade game. Pac-Quest features a more in-depth story compared to past games in the franchise and, as a stylistic decision, returns to the 8-bit artstyle.




The controls itself are not much different than the original Pac-Man. Pac-Man's direction is based on the movements of the control stick, and he will stop if he hits a wall or, well, really any other object with collision detection. Pac-Man has three lives in total, and he will lose a life if he touches an enemy. However, the main goal of each stage is not to collect every Pac-Dot, but to complete specific puzzles to progress to the next stage and, eventually, to the world's Boss Arena, where Pac-Man will come across one (or two, in one case) of eleven different bosses.

Instead of progressing through a linear set of worlds, the player can choose different worlds to go to after completing each one in any order. However, once completing a world, the rest of the bosses will be "notified" of Pac-Man's strategies from the previous worlds' boss(es,) ensuring that each boss will be "harder" or more complicated than the last no matter which order the player goes in. If the player decides to replay the game in an entirely different order, the bosses may be drastically different than the first time that they played the game.

Pac-Dots can also be collected throughout the game. If every Pac-Dot in every stage is collected, it will unlock a secret twelfth boss as long as the main game has been completed.






  • The game was inspired by Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures… and by that, it means that Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures was so horrible that Blender decided that s/he could probably do something much better with Pac-Man, which eventually led to the game's creation.

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