Pac-Man Returns is a Pac-Man 2.5D sidescrolling game for the Nintendo 3DS that is being developed by SuyoGames. This game returns to Pac-Mans platforming adventures after a long wait, and features the return of old foes such as the Ghost Gang. It is speculated to be released in 2013.

Nintendo eShop Description

Pac-Man is back and continuing his amazing adventures, but in 3D this time!
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A legend tells of an ancient battle, a yellow warrior once battled a dark army of ghosts, using the power of the 7 Pac-Shards, but till this day, it is said those ghosts may return...

The scene takes place in Pac-Land, where theres a festival happening, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Pac-Land, but as the party goes great, the Ghost Gang appears and crashes the party, and they are holding shards. Professor Pac then tells Pac-Man that the Ghost Gang have stolen an ancient artifact from the Pac-Museum, so Pac-Man tries to take those stolen shards back, until dark clouds form around Pac-Land, and a dark ghost appears, saying that "he has returned from his slumber", and he creates a dark like tornado that sucks in the citizens of Pac-Land and throws them around, but Pac-Man then is flung into somewhere else in the chaos...

Pac-Man wakes up to find Professor Pac messaging Pac-Man that the Ghost Gang has scattered the Pac-Shards throughout Pac-Land, and that Pac-Man must find them in order to stop evil once again, Pac-Man then runs, going on yet another adventure, but will he succeed?



Playable Characters

Image Name Description
185px-Pac-Man character art - The Adventure Begins Pac-Man The famous hero of Pac-Land, is back to defeat the wicked ghosts once again! He is speculated to be the only playable character.


Image Name Description
No Artwork Yet Phantamus Phantamus is the evil villain in this game, he is a tall black ghost with claw like hands, his goal is to take over Pac-Land and fill it with darkness.
Blinky Blinky The red vicious ghost who is the leader of the Ghost Gang, he is working for Phantamus this time around.
Clyde2 Clyde The orange and not so smart ghost also is working for Phantamus, he has a score to settle with Pac-Man.
Pinky Pinky The pink ghost who apparently has a crush on Pac-Man, she is getting revenge on Pac-Man once again!
Inky Inky Inky returns too, and has many traps and plans to stop Pac-Man.
OrsonPM Orson Orson is back once again, but on the bad side for some reason!
TocMan Toc-Man Toc-Man is back and even stronger than ever, he is going to crush Pac-Man for good.


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