The Yellow Chomper
Universe SSB Pac-Man Series
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSB4
Recent Game 'Wii U Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2
Availability Starter
Final Smash Super Pac-Man/SOS

Pac-Man makes his second return to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Pac-Man is able to use various abilities found within both the Pac-Man franchise as well as the Namco Bandai collective library. He largely remains the same though he has had his speed increased. Aesthetically, it appears as a mixture of his recent appearances as well as his classic appearance.

Changes from Smash 4


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Bonus Fruit 4% (cherry), 6% (strawberry), 8% (orange), 9% (apple), 12% (melon), 9% (Galaxian), 8% (bell), 15% (key) A chargeable projectile that iterates over the fruit and other Namco objects for each level of charge, with each object having distinct properties.
Custom 1 Freaky Fruit 2% (cherry), 3% (strawberry), 5% (orange), 8% (apple), 12% (melon), 8% (Galaxian), 5% (bell), 9% (key) Each object does less damage but has more erratic behaviour.
Custom 2 Lazy Fruit 1% (cherry), 3% (strawberry), 5% (orange), 6% (apple), 8% (melon), 2% (Galaxian), 7% (bell), 7% (key) Each object moves much slower and does less damage.
Side Special Power Pellet 1% (dash), 10% (ending) A sideways dash of controllable trajectory.
Custom 1 Distant Power Pellet 1% (dash), 10% (ending) Shadow moves slower and farther; attack is stronger.
Custom 2 Enticing Power Pellet 1% (dash), 10% (ending) Teleports a fixed distance instantly.
Up Special Pac Jump 7% (clean), 6% (mid), 5% (late) Produces a trampoline to bounce off. Repeated bounces gain more height, but the fourth bounce breaks the trampoline and puts the attempted user into a helpless state. Pac-Man himself can hit opponents while going upwards.
Custom 1 Power Pac-Jump 1.5% (loop), 3% (last) Pac-Man is launched higher and hits multiple times while rising, but the trampoline vanishes instantly.
Custom 2 Meteor Pac-Jump 3%, 4%/5% (meteor) Consecutive jumps decrease in height instead of increasing; the fourth hop will bury grounded users, or meteor smash airborne ones.
Down Special Fire Hydrant 9% (drop), 13% (flying), 10% (landing) Drops a fire hydrant downwards that produces non-damaging water blobs, and can be launched by attacking it.
Custom 1 On-Fire Hydrant 6% (drop), 15% (flying), 6% (landing), 6%/4% (flames) Shoots fire instead of water.
Custom 2 Dire Hydrant 9% (idle), 9% (drop), 13% (flying), 10% (landing) Explode on impact.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Pac-Dot Shot 6% Pac-Man fires a Pac-dot like a gun. It travels not that far and only does slightly below average knock back but it can be spammed.
Custom 1 Large Pac-Dot SHot 8% Larger pac dot that travels further but slower; it deals more damage and knockback.
Custom 2 Stunning Pac-Dot Shot 5% Does slightly less damage but stuns enemies when it makes contact. It has zero knockback.
Side Special Rev Roll 13% (charged), 7% (uncharged) Pac-Man runs in place which increases his speed. When the special button is released, he turns into a ball and hit opponents. It will knock opponents upwards who get caught in the attack.
Custom 1 Pushy Roll 3.7% (loop charged), 8% (uncharged final), 2.8% (loop uncharged), 6% (final) Pac-Man runs in place by holding down the special button. When released, he propels forward and does push back damage. Charging it causes it to do more damage.
Custom 2 Bouncing Roll 16% (charged), 10% (uncharged) It does more damage but it is slightly more slower. Pac-Man bounces several times depending on the charge. The bounce doe smore knockback as opposed to a hit.
Up Special Bottle Rocket 7% (collision), 15% (runaway rocket) Pac-Man dons the Bottle Rocket and can charge it up by holding down the special button. The recovery height is dependent on how long it was charged for. If it is charged too long, it causes the bottle rocket to runaway resulting in the attack canceling out. The rocket will veer into a random directiona nd explode; dealing damage and even damage Pac-Man. Pac-Man will damage the opponent if he collides with them and the rocket will vanish.
Custom 1 Turbo Bottle Rocket 13% It cannot be charged and will bast Pac-Man up at a fixed distance. It does more damage and it is quicker but puts Pac-Man into a helpless state higher upwards.
Custom 2 Loopy Bottle Rocket 14% (collision), 12% (runaway) Pac-Man can charge this attack which effects the recovery distance. However, instead of going straight up, Pac-Man takes off and performs two loops which damages opponents for both loops. Over charging it or not completing the first loop results in the rocket running away though it oes less damage. Greater horizontal recovery distance.
Down Special Power Ring 10% (center), 8% (mid), 5% (outer) Pac-Man causes a ring to appear in front of him. Holding the special button causes the ring to grow larger but will cancel out if it gets too large. Pac-Man is able to move during the duration of this attack but is unable to any other sort of action besides running straight. Once it catches an opponent, the ring glows bright red. Letting go of the special button catches the opponent in the ring, traps them, does damage, and launches them. It does more damage if the opponent is trapped in the center of the ring.
Custom 1 Speedy Power Ring 6% (center), 4% (mid), 2% (outer) It does less damage and knockback but the ring comes out much quicker and the window of capturing opponents is much larger.
Custom 2 Meteoring Power Ring 14% (center), 12% (mid), 10% (outer) A bit more trickier to land but it does more damage. It will either spike opponents down when performed on the ground or meteor opponents in the air. It will slightly slow down Pac-Man's descent when performed in the air.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Super Mac-Man 20% Pac-Man becomes enlarged and begins moving about the stage in his ball form, eating opponents and being able to wrap around the screen. Does more damage than before.
Final Smash 2 SOS 16% (shot), 12% (plane collision), 20% (plane explosion) Pac-Man causes the screen to go into grayscale and then vanishes. The screen zooms out and shows cross hairs. Pressing the attack button causes it to fire at the cross hairs; dealing damage. In addition, enemy planes will appear from the background and can damage players. Shooting and destroying these planes will cause an 8-bit monochrome explosion which can damage opponents as well. The player has up to 8 shots total.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • "Namco Roulette" - An up taunt where he summons classic Namco items, characters, and enemies, similar to Bonus Fruit, including those from Galaga, Mappy, Dig Dug, and Xevious. (Up)
  • Transforms into his ball form and bites on either side of him, making his iconic chomping sound. (Right)
  • Winks and gives a thumbs up.
  • Pac-Man lays down while two ghosts and music notes hover over him.

Character Selection Screen

  • Pac-Man transforms into his cheese wedge shape and bites down,
  • Pac-Man jumps into the air and says "COOL!"
  • Pac-Man winks and gives a thumbs up.

On Screen Appearance

  • Pac-Man appears as his 8-bit form an transforms into his game model.
  • Pac-Man appears running any from the Ghosts who then vanish.
  • Appears from the top of the screen, tumbling downwards.

Victory Animations

  • Chases a vulnerable ghost in his two-dimensional form, then shifts to his ball form.
  • Appears on screen in ball form, trips, and puts his fist up.
  • Drops from the sky and lands to do a winking pose, while a sign displaying 7650m appears. This move is based off of Pac-Land.
  • Pac-Man appears in his 8-bit form and bounces up and down on the trampoline.
  • Pac-Man holds up a Bonus Fruit, tosses it, and catches it before it falls to the ground.
  • Pac-Man is seen sleeping on the ground and is shocked awake; looking sleepy.

Losing Animations

  • Pac-Man is smiling while looking forward and clapping.
  • Pac-Man is wobbling back and forth with dizziness.
  • Pac-Man is in his 8-bit form and is rocking back and forth.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix of first 0:10 seconds of the song, "Kalos Region Theme".

Idle Poses

  • Scratches his head.
  • Waves at the screen.
  • Stands up taller and looks around.
  • Dusts of his hands.


Pac-Man's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.


Unlock: Classic Mode


Unlock: Adventure Mode Console/Red

Pac-Man (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Handheld/Black

Ms. Pac-Man

Unlock: Boss Battle Console

Ms. Pac-Man (white)

Unlock: Boss Battle Handheld

'Pac-Man (Power Ring)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop Orange

Pac-Man (Fire Hydrant)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop Pink

Pac-Man (Light Blue)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Pac-Man (White)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Pac-Man (Up) Brown

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Swimsuit Pac-Man

Unlock: Complete a Pit Character Challenge

Super Pac-Man

Unlock: All Star Mode (Easy or Normal)


Unlock: Unlock all Robin trophies

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
Yellow Yellow Pac-Man's default color scheme. Starter
Blue Blue Slightly resembles Pac-Man in ice form as well as the ghost, Inky. Starter
Orange Orange Coloring resembles Cylde, the ghost. Starter
Black Black Resembles Pac-Man's metallic form. Starter
Pink Pink Resembles the color scheme for Ms. Pac-Man and the ghost, Pinky. Starter
White White Resembles an actual ghost. Starter
Dark Red Dark Red Based off his color swap in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS Starter
Red Red Color resembles Pac-Man in his power-up Fire Pac-Man as well as the ghost, Blinky. Starter
Green Green Resembles his power-up, Chameleon Pac-Man. Starter
Light Blue Light Blue Resembles the ghosts after Pac-Man eats a Power Pellet. Starter
Ms. Pac-Man Yellow Costume based off of Ms. Pac-Man. Locked
Ms. Pac-Man White Ms Pac-Man with a white bow. Locked
Swimsuit Pac-Man Blue Costume based off his swimwear with goggles, flippers, and a swimming tube. Locked

DLC Costume Set

Available after launch, this costume set is the first confirmed "DLC Costume Set" and consists of Pac-Man's color swaps from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.


Color Title Color Notes Status
Yellow Yellow Pac-Man's default color scheme. Starter
Blue Blue --- Starter
Yellow Yellow --- Starter
Black Black --- Starter
Purple Purple --- Starter
White White ---- Starter
Dark Red Dark Red --- Starter
Plai Plaid --- Starter
Green Green --- Starter
Light Blue Light Blue Resembles the ghosts after Pac-Man eats a Power Pellet. Starter