Pac-Man is a 2013 video game based off of the arcade classic. It is created by Wario Inc. and was released as a downloadable title for the Nintendo Omega and  the Nintendo Omini. It has online multiplayer and it's simplicity and similarities to the original game makes it addictive.


The game takes many notes from the Pac-Man original game. The game is 3D and takes place in the sewers. Each sewer is randomly generated, although in Story Mode the sewers are planned and have increased difficulty as the game goes on. The player or players must navigate the narrow corridors of the sewers and eat pellets(the game's currency and what determines the score). Various foes are also there and are invincible unless a Power Pellet or other power-up is collected. As always, when the player eats all of the pellets they advance onto the next level.  In Multiplayer, the game stays mainly the same but the player with the most score wins and the pellets are indefinite, the end of a match is determined by time which can be altered . Other modes are Endless, a mode with endless levels and randomly generated ones two, Fruity Paradise, a mode where fruits are and the goal is to eat all fruits, Survival, a mode where the enemies cannot be killed even with power pellets and the goal is to see how long you can survive.


The story is quite simple. In Pac-World, Pac-Man is sitting at home when he gets a letter from Clyde, telling him his wife and son have been kidnapped and thrown into the sewers,. Pac-Man gets up and jumps through a warp pipe(a refrence to Mario) to save his family.


  • Pac-Man: The main character, Pac-Man is just the average joe. He is a balanced character and a starter one two.
  • Mrs. Pac-Man: Pac-Man's kidnapped wife. After beating Story Mode she is unlocked.  She has better jumps but is slower.
  • Pac-Man Jr: The kidnapped heir of Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man.  He is very fast but a tad uncontrollable and doesn't jump too far.
  • Clyde: One of the main antagonists. He is playable in Endless where he can float for a short period of time. He has kindapped Pac-Man's wife and son.
  • Inky: One of the baddies. He is one of Clyde's color schemes in Endless.
  • Pinky: One of he baddies. He is a color scheme of Clyde.
  • Blinky: One of the baddies. He is a color scheme of Clyde.
  • Retro Pac-Man: The 8-Bit version in 3D. A playable clone of Pac-Man.
  • Spooky: Upon beating Story with all three characters, Spooky of Pac-Man World 2 is unlocked for all modes. Spooky can float like Clyde, is super fast, and can charge up pellets and use a super sword attack to clear all enemies nearby.

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