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Pac-Madness is a video game to be released for the Wii U to honor Pac-Man's 35th anniversary. It is under development by Lone Planet Productions in cooperation with (insert CryoticYoshi's company here).


The game is built in the same 8-bit format as the original Pac-Man arcade game. Players can play the classic game, but also have a chance to try out several other modes based off of it.

Classic Mode

The player uses Pac-Man, and must eat all of the Pac-Dots in a maze while avoiding the four ghosts: Blinky (the chaser), Pinky (the ambusher), Inky (the surprise), and Clyde (the randomizer). Every Pac-Dot is worth 100 points, and fruit can be eaten to earn even more points.

Pac-Man starts with three lives; if a ghost touches him, he loses one life. Once he loses all three lives, it's game over. Fortunately, Pac-Man can eat Power Pellets so he can fight back against the ghosts; he will be able to eat them and earn more points.

2 Player Mode

You can be Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man. Two players can compete for points, or work together to beat the ghosts. In this mode, the original four ghosts appear, alongside four more: Funky (the quickest), Spunky (the most focused), Chunky (the widest), and Sue (the last-minute chaser).

Vs. Ghosts Mode

The GamePad player controls Pac-Man, and the Wii Remote players control the ghosts.

Pac-Spin Mode

The gamepad is able to spin the maze around to move Pac-Man around,most of the ghosts don't move when spinning the maze,only Pinky movves around with the spinning.The maze is different from classic mode and features 2 warp areas on each side,and alot more Power Pellets.

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