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Pac-Land is where Pac-Man and the rest of the Pac-People live. A small town known as Pac-Village lies in the middle of Pac-Land, and is sometimes refered to as "the center of Pac-Life". Pac-Land's greater location is called Pac-World.

New Super Mario Bros. Upsilon

Pac-Land is a major location in this game. The story in NSMB Upsilon is ripped from Pac-Man World 2, which has Pac-Village as its starting point. The game is basically a pun on PMW2 and New Super Mario Bros. Omega, with only one Mario character: Toadsworth.


  • Pac-Land is slightly similar to the Mushroom Kingdom in some ways. Both lands have a plains region, a jungle region, a snow region, and a volcano region. But they are different in other ways. Pac-Land also has an ocean region and a haunted region known as Ghost Island; Mushroom Kingdom has a desert region, a beach region, a mountain region, and a sky region.
  • Pac-Land is the only world from Pac-Man's dimension that has appeared in a Mario crossover so far. However, a cameo of Pac-Land will be seen in a sky level in New Super Mario Bros. All-Star Adventure 2.

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