Paale is a ghost-like apparition who haunts the swamps of Bryel. It is believed that he kidnaps those who wander too close to the Pale Castle and locks them within it's dungeon.



Aeo Hunters

Paale is one of the playable Beasts featured in the game, with the Pale Castle also available as a map. He is incredibly slow, only able to outrun the slowest of characters, but has numerous abilities to make up for it:

  • Insanity (Passive): As hunters stare at him, their vision grows increasingly distorted, and slowly returns to normal when they look away. If they stare at him for too long, Paale can instantly teleport in front of them.
  • Teleport: Paale can instantly teleport to any location that is not too close to the hunters or within their line of sight, or in front of any player who has stared at him for too long.
  • Terror: Paale's Ultimate ability freezes all hunters in place (unable to even move their camera) for a certain amount of time inversely proportional to how close they are. For the furthest players, this is long enough for Paale's insanity effect to allow him to teleport to them if he moves into their field of view.

Paale requires considerable teamwork from the hunters to defeat, as he can easily teleport and sneak up behind a hunter who does not have another hunter watching their back.


  • Paale is inspired by the Slender Man, a popular creepypasta created at the Something Awful forums.

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