PR: ZOIDS Red/Blue is the both action-adventure rpg which is the both versions combined with Zoids Origins and Zoids Fates, creating an canonical story of PR: ZOIDS.



After Hiltz was defeated by Geno Stryker and winning the World Cup tournament, the worlds were now peace once again in this time. However, the disastrous event cause the dimensional portal was suddenly collapses, caused by the strange tornado called Timenado and somehow disorted each worlds.


Prologue: (Zoid Pilot's name)'s Adventures


Main Characters

  • Zoid Pilot Avatar
  • Zoid Pilot Rival (if you choose boy or girl)

Ally Assist Playables

  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second
  • Squidward Tentacles

Major Bosses

  • Spongebob Squarepants (died in Squidward's arm by using the World Key to take next location; the Mushroom Kingdom)
    • Lord Swordlos (destroyed by Squidward's Vulture Condor)
  • Luigi


Bikini Bottom

Mushroom Kingdom


  • Because of Zoids Origins/Fates were never released in the English release, they decide to recreate their own versions called Red and Blue.

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