PR: The Dimension of Mirage (Sentai Sutōrī: Shinkurāju Gaikeisunbō 戦隊ストーリー:シンクラージュ外形寸法?, lit. Sentai Story: Synchraige Dimensions) is the upcoming action-adventure monster taming game Japan and North America May 20, 2016 on Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita before PR: Kitsukasa and the Revenant Kingdom alongside with PR: Hyperdimension Re-Anime. This game take place after Samuel Nakaoka defeats Kumon Kai in his gruesome Zodiarch-like form. Aversa from Fire Emblem World who became the Sage of Time Dimension detects the strange phenomenon and she looks up the unknown seemingly illusional-like monsters called Mirage who devours dreams. She enters the Tower of Unknown World and met Yen Sid as well President Dengar about the Mirage's World and the new evil appears.


Old Gameplay

  • Free-roaming open world reused.
  • PR: Hyperdimension game mechanic reused only have few differences.

New Gameplay

  • Captures Mirages by using Mirage Caller.
  • Like PR: Hyperdimension 2, the Mirage can be customization used for hair or power-up armor and weapons. There are entirely differences newly used
    • Breast-size (Melon Enlargement in English version): Can be used A-to-Z cup breasts (A-to-O cup melon in English version).
    • Shiri-size (Hip Enlargement in English version)
    • Muscular-size


Prologue: Mirages

After Kumon Kai's defeats of hand by Samuel Nakaoka with the help of Nagisa and Esther,

Chapter 1: Awakening the Hero/Heroine of Mirage

After been awakened by Aversa's help,

Chapter 2:


Main Playable

  • Hero/Heroine


  • Aversa





Tower of Unknown World


  • Some of the fans were really like PR: Hyperdimension series which the CPUs train and evolve which is the female-only CPUs were used. So the all female Mirages were created and somehow humanoid counterpart of CPUs.
  • The Japanese version elements were removed due to the mature content.
    • Female characters breasts were covered by underskirt to avoid sexual contents.
    • A-Z breasts size were replaced by A-O melon sizes which the younger viewers will be okay to customize.

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